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Weird Stat I Never Heard About For College Wrs


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Very interesting read for those who want a break from the hoopla with the forum right now :).

One of those was this thing about drafted WRs:

Highly-drafted wide receivers without many college touchdowns are likely to bust.

Football Outsiders Almanac 2009 introduced a new metric called Playmaker Score, which measures rookie wide receivers by simply multiplying average yards per reception and total career touchdowns in college. Players who score high in this metric do not necessarily become stars in the NFL, but no first- or second-round pick with a score below 8.0 has yet to live up to his draft position. Like the Lewin Career Forecast, Playmaker Score is far more accurate with receivers chosen in the first two rounds, and it doesn't seem to work for hybrid slot receiver/running backs such as Percy Harvin and Dexter McCluster.

  • Football Outsiders Almanac 2009, "Introducing Playmaker Score"

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