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    • If Hill broke the law according to the people who get paid to determine those things, then I think Goodell has enough facts to go with.  If charges get dropped, its usually due to murky evidence, and I would think it would be hard to justify disciplinary action.
    • If its the deflate gate thing we're talking about, his how he conducted himself and the cover up were in the capacity of an NFL player.    To me there is a huge distinction between personal conduct as a player and personal conduct as just another citizen. 
    • Right, I agree with you, I’m saying it’s not up to us to pass judgement and none of us should blame anyone for any decision. I guess I could have phrased it better, but what I mean is that we can’t be sure about anything that has been said or has surfaced, so why are we even arguing over it and getting upset about decisions when we have minimal insight into it. I just want everyone to let it go and leave decision making to the people who get it, yet that will never happen and people will always want justice. I agree though, Goodell catches way too much flak, and we all prance around acting like we know better. 
    • What people want is to criticize Goodell and the league, and they'll do that no matter what.    The NFL said they cannot conclude that Hill violated the conduct policy. There's significant doubt cast on whether Hill harmed the child at all. I think what Hill said on the phone call with his ex-partner was terrible, but I don't think that saying something terrible rises to the level of being worthy of a suspension.   And let's say the league did suspend him over this matter, based on what they know so far. If further information came out, would they be able to suspend him again? I think that's a major legal consideration.   To me, it's hypocritical to make an issue over how the NFL handles player conduct, because the fans and media are quite literally NEVER happy with what happens. If a player is suspended, Goodell is being unfair, and everyone says the league shouldn't be punishing players for off the field actions. If a player is not suspended, Goodell is being inconsistent, and everyone says they should treat each situation the same.    The NFL is now using a committee to give input and help make determinations on these matters. It's not Roger Goodell sitting at his desk and deciding on a whim whether to suspend a player or not. But the popular and seemingly automatic reaction is 'Goodell is an *,' and it doesn't matter what the decision is. It's always about how awful Goodell is.
    • The hype train has been huge compared to what it usually is.   The shows have actually talked about the Colts and I haven’t seen but maybe 1 predication where the Colts are not winning the division.   The Colts usually play better when they are under the radar. Now that they have the NFL’s attention we will see what happens.
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