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Indianapolis Colts
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    • That is ThreeFlight at his finest.  
    • I agree with some of the points the OP has made, but not all. CB has improved our OL immensely through the draft, also drafted some good players on defense,  struckout on the WR's, and signing proven FA's.  I've been preaching all season to open up the pocketbook and sign, and pay some playmakers that can give us a fighting chance, instead we sign Hoyer for $12 mil. give JB a $20 mil. extension,  like somehow, after watching his play this season, is somehow going to become a legit NFL starting QB?       Not calling for his head like some members in here, but not crowning him as some members in here are.  
    • Philly pulled it out in OT and Wentz didn't have one completion in the air of more than 10 yards. He dinked and dunked it down the field. Much like JB and over half the QB's do on most drives. I really don't think JB is much different than most of these QB's out here. Like I said earlier you only have about 4 or 5 QB's that are consistent = franchise QB's for sure that standout. The rest are inconsistent. Like Watson yesterday vs Denver at home. He stunk. Luck was a franchise QB but he retired. 
    • Wasn’t it a 4th down and thus moot because he didn’t get the 1st down anyway?
    • The Calendar still says December, so congratulations, I nominate this post for Worst Post of the Year!   It shows you don’t know football, you don’t know the Colts and you don’t know people.   Other than that, you’re good!   Ballard?   Cocky?    Oh, Dear God!   Ballard and Luck don’t like each other?  Oh, Dear God!   1.  You think we should’ve been a contender even with the sudden retirement of a top-5 QB.    You don’t know football.   2.  You’re whole view of Ballard and Luck is based on nothing but opinion.  No facts.   Just your own analysis.    3.  You try to show that Grigson is better than Ballard based in their records of the first three years.   You fail to recognize that Ballard’s first year, while technically his, was a mess based on what Grigson left him PLUS Luck’s injury.   It’s not a fair Apples to Apples comparison.  People who understand football understand this.   4.  Money.  We didn’t spend it in ‘18 and did well.  Yet you act as if ‘19 FA spending reveals anything negative.  Houston is a success.  Funchess got hurt, so there’s no revelation of any kind.  So your analysis fails.   Especially the part where you say Luck quit over it.  Again, you’ve got no proof and you ignore Luck’s personal history which shows no temper tantrums or fits.  The Andrew Luck you describe is a figment of your imagination.    5.  Draft.   You’re judging the ‘19 draft after 13 weeks.  Drafts are judged after 3 years.   Grigson’s ‘12 draft was proclaimed the 9th best of all time.  Now it’s down to just Hilton.  That’s all.  You’re so premature about this it shows how desperate you are to build a case no matter what,   6.  Accountability.  Again.  You’re on the outside looking in.  You’re not in the locker room.  You’re guessing and desperately reaching.   Special players get special treatment when it’s warranted.   When you have a player considered the GOAT you cut him some slack.  He’s earned that.  As for the OL coach firing, you blame Ballard, but the reported stories say it was Frank’s call and Ballard supported him.  But you’re so hot to blame Ballard for everything.   7.  Players.   Your evaluations don’t interest me.   To be blunt, you don’t know your rear end from a whole in the wall.   Period.   You think you do.  But you don’t.   Sorry.   8.  Pay off:   I love this...  this is your crowning criticism.  The Colts of today are only good and not great.  They remind you of the Chiefs of Andy Reid’s  first few years which were playoff caliber teams.  And you try to insult those teams by placing the blame for them not being better on the fact Ballard was their assistant GM.     Again....   you’re so desperate to blame Ballard for where we are that your rant is jam packed with your opinion.  I appreciate that you’ve been a Colts fan forever and wear Colts gear, but none of that means you know what you’re talking about.  And I’m sorry to say this long rant — while therapeutic for you — only shows how little you know football and can’t evaluate people or organizations.    Sorry.     P.S. -- By the way,  the Colts were NOT in the AFC Championship game last year.    We made it to the 2nd round.    You're so hot to blame Ballard that you can't even think straight.   PSS — when the season is done I’m willing to bet that the person Ballard blames the most for this season is.....  Chris Ballard. 
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