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I know I'm getting ahead of myself. I just want to bring this up and see what conversations it generates. 


Ballard is doing a fantastic job for the long term. 


Just kind of a side note. Putting it on paper for myself to see. 


3/5 of the predicted depth chart will be returning already.

7/11(TE/TE/LT/(WR2 maybe)) Offensive Starters returning.  10/11(slotCB) Defensive starters returning. No special teams returning. 

Sitting on 59M THIS year to extend players such as Kenny Moore(24), Anthony Cosanzo(31), Jack Doyle(29), Eric Ebron(26), Mo Ali-Cox(25), Jabaal Sheard(30), Rigaberto Sanchez(24), Devin Funchess(25), and Adam Vinetieri(46), Joe Haeg(26), and etc... 


I added Odum and Muhammad to this one because they are under contract for 2020/2021 season. 


For the 2020/2021 season as of now these are all of the players that will be under contract from the predicted depth chart I did. 


QB - Luck

RB - Mack, Hines, Wilkens

WR - Hilton, Cain, 

TE - 86

LT - 86

LG - Nelson 

C - Kelly

RG - Glowinski

RT - Smith

TE - 86

WR - Campbell, 


DE - Houston, Muhammad*

DT - Autry, Lewis

NT - Hunt, Stewart

DE - Turay

SAM - Banogu, Adams

MLB - Walker, Okereke

WLB - Leonard, Speed

CB - Desir, Wilson

FS - Hooker, Odum*

SS - Willis

CB(slot) - 86

CB - Ya-Sin, Tell


K - 86

P - 86

LS - 86


In conclusion we are getting a very very strong core of guys for the long term to build around. The correct way to rebuild in my opinion is getting closer to being finished. It seems Ballard may need to figure out how to maintain the rebuild and keep all of our core guys. The money is going to evaporate rather quickly resigning our own guys. 

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