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Colts have traded DT Hassan Ridgeway to the Eagles [Merge]

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2 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

Makes you wonder about his practice efforts


Especially with the DC's "NO LOAF" mandate, you better have your motor running all the time or you're going to be left behind.

Meh, he lost the numbers game maybe?

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On 4/27/2019 at 4:06 PM, John Hammonds said:

That leaves only 5 players left from Grigson drafts:

2012 - 1/1  Andrew Luck

2012 - 3/92  T.Y. Hilton

2015 - 4/109 Clayton Geathers

2016 - 1/18  Ryan Kelly

2016 - 3/82 Le'Raven Clark

Clark is a UFA next year..likely gone. Geathers barring a superb season will likely be gone as well. Leaving only 3. Crazy

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38 minutes ago, Superman said:


The fact that they traded him is a strong indication by itself. Add to it the fact that Ridgeway only played in five games and got 65 defensive snaps last year, and it's pretty obvious that the staff wasn't a fan. Why, I don't know, but that doesn't change the fact that he wasn't going to be on the final roster. 


In that respect, I have no problem with the trade. My main question is why they didn't like him, because I thought he played well when he got his (rare) chances.


I tend to agree, and thought he played well and was disruptive when he got the rare chance.  


The major knock on him coming out of college was lack of conditioning and nagging injuries.  I'm not sure if that's due to work ethic, or just due to his natural size.


Apparently he was battling a calf injury most of last year.  When he got his most reps, in the playoffs, I thought he was one of our more disruptive DL.  He does seem like a guy that needed to get into the rhythm of the game to find his groove -- so maybe his conditioning was keeping him from being able to really get into the flow of the game?  I do not know for sure.  


My two main guesses are: (1) He was a Grigs guy, and Ballard and Co. may not have thought he was the ideal fit for their 4-3 scheme ... and (2) After 3 years in the league, it didn't seem like his conditioning or ability to fight through nagging injuries was getting any better, so the coaches deemed him as lazy and are ready to move on.


Anyway, I wish him luck in Philly.  Sounds like some of the Colts staff from the Grigs era is back in Philly and help facilitate this move, as one article I read had the GM saying 'it feels like a guy we already know because several people on our staff were with him in Indy when he got drafted.'  Sounds like Philly thinks he fits their scheme well, too.

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