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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I kind of want to see Chad Kelly so we'd know what he can do in real games rather than against 3d-4th stringers in pre-season games. I would really prefer that he steps up so we can avoid paying Hoyer that contract. 
    • I am not going to go through and search through all the posts.  But, I know I read several comments earlier in the season along the lines of JB being a franchise QB (a top QB, Colts future QB, no need to look for another QB, as good or better than X or Y franchise QBs, etc ...) especially after Houston, KC, and the Denver endzone pass.
    • Also, it is because many fans see the writing on the wall.  It feels like Brissett will be the starter for next season too.  It doesn't leave much to be excited about.  He can't make the reads to suddenly change into something else.  
    • Where the hell did you read this thing? How many times do I need to say that I don't mind Chad Kelly on the roster? I DO NOT MIND CHAD KELLY BEING ON THE ROSTER. I actually think he's a pretty good QB3 with potential for backup. It was yesterday that I was defending his roster spot going forward in another thread. My point this whole thread has been that you cannot go into next season with Chad Kelly as your starter. No matter what he does in the remaining 3 meaningless games. If he throws for 400 yards and 4tds a game until the end of the season, it still should not be enough to convince you not to search for your QB in the draft or in FA. Chad Kelly is a the wildest of wild cards. You don't treat wild cards like certainty. You don't treat your QB position like it's some wheel of fortune. You go get the player you want and believe in. You don't let a borderline rosterable guy dictate what you do at the very top of the top of your roster.  This was my whole point. You let him compete with the rest of the guys while he's here, but don't treat him like anything more than what he's been in the league so far - PS QB/QB3... his top priority right now should be beating Hoyer for a roster spot...  
    • Thing of it is I don't think 1 person has ever went as far as saying he is a franchise QB in here. I do not recall it. I have stuck to my same opinion all year. Even when we were 5-2 I was calling JB above average. I was saying he isn't bad and we can games with this guy. I defend him mainly when someone says he sucks and blames everything on him. That just isn't right IMO when you have had the injuries we have had. Like I have always said though the QB and coach gets most of the blame. It has always been like that with fans as most just see it that way and do not look at other factors.
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