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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Yeah, there's a lot of reasons that this season went south, but Ballard is the one person that you can't blame. He did everything right, and Luck retired before the season started, we were hit with a ton of injuries, and Adam fell off the map. Ballard is literally reason 100 why we fell apart.
    • LOL,  so this forum has suddenly turned into every other NFL team forum, trying to associate a new members post with a current member they have issues with?  Sad day here, and lot of respect lost.
    • I don't know that a QB anywhere near Luck's caliber will be available next year (unless Luck comes out of retirement).  I imagine we'll be sticking with Jacoby and giving him another year with hopefully more weapons (weather it means our current guys get healthy or he drafts/signs another WR or two).
    • Can't say I've been a fan since the Bert days, but as soon as the trailers crossed the line, I've been a big fan, forgetting any other pro team that cheered for prior. I don't worship Ballard or Reich at all. I think you're being a little harsh and conveniently assumptive on a few things (above and below). I do agree Ballard gets too much credit, and I do get an air sometimes of a little too much confidence. I wouldn't say he's cocky at this point. Grigson, he had Luck every year, while Ballard had him one of 3.    I do agree he needs to do more in FA, but he has done pretty well in the draft. Not as well as everyone thinks, but a lot better than average. It's a lot easier to do good drafting, when the roster that you've inherited is so shallow/bad. It's better overall now in most places, so the job gets much tougher going forward.   This seems to me like a bunch of assumptive narrative and opinion (in terms of the Ballard/Luck relationship). I don't recall anything at all that would lead us to believe they weren't getting along. I also don't think Irsay would have let a soured GM / generational QB fester without getting involved. In short, this is way thin to weigh seriously.   I agree Funchess was a stretch. Houston however was a very solid pick up. I agree overall we should do a lot more in FA, especially with so much space. We have plenty of unspent cash that should have been utilized. It didn't have to be long term deals that would have limited the team's future either.    The only bag I have on 2019 was not going after a DT. Otherwise, it was pretty decent. I always want to get 2-3 starters out of the draft, and we did just that. It's been easy to get that the last couple of years given the state of the roster, and it will get tougher.   You can be critical of some of the early picks, but you can't blame him for Campbell's injuries. Ya-sin playing more snaps than anyone before he got dinged up was an upgrade over what we had. He's the type of player that is only struggling with getting used to scheme and the refinement of things, and could easily click next year. He's physical and has good attributes to be solid for a very long time. Khari has also outplayed my expectations. Okereke, while I've never thought a good fit at MLB, has done well moving to SAM, and will easily displace the starter there (which will bump Franklin).    Not buying this. I agree they should have moved on from AV earlier, but assuming his injury is/was real, he history gives him some latitude.    Losing the locker room? You call Ebron opting for 2 procedures losing the locker room. If anything, it was not letting him have his way (playing Doyle 40% more) that perhaps led to him checking out earlier. And that's if we believe the narrative that he wasn't really all that hurt, which not sure if buy that either. If you need 2 procedures, you're like in pain, and obviously you're not 100%... And Funch? The been pretty clear that they were waiting for the bone to heal. I don't see them lying about that. If they were totally quiet about his recovery, I can see why you might call that into question, but they weren't.   If anything, those two situations call the medical staff into question.   Why? Anything here other than guessing. Honest question. I actually preferred the old OL coach.    Not buying this either. If anything, Reich has gone out of his way to make things easy on JB. For a good part of the season he only scripted and called plays that JB was good at. If you know anything about his college performance, the coaches tried to do everything they could to promote his strengths, and hide his flaws. At the end of the day, D's had and easy time scheming against that, and it took a toll.    I don't worship Frank at all, but he needs a QB that can run his O. And that is someone that's good at pre-snap identification, quick progressions, quick and accurate in short to intermediate field, and able to hit the occasional long shot. Those are all things that JB has struggled with since college. He just is not that guy.   I agree we need to draft a QB. I also agree we need to look at Kelly..... That said, I don't think the rest of the O is garbage though. Our OL and running game have made huge progress since 2017. Go back and look at the stats 2017 and before. It's night and day. The pass catchers (TE and WR) were 6th last year with Luck. That's night and day compared to this year.   Not saying we don't need upgrades, but Ballard took 2 WRs in 2018 and added Grant, drafted 1 in 2019 and signed Funch. That's 3 picks and 2 FA in two years. That's not nothing, even if Grant and Funch FAs did not pay off. Grants injuries, Funch's injury, Fountain's injury, Cain's injury, Campbell's injury..... That's 5 injuries to the five players he's drafted or signed.   I'd love a FA game changer in either a DT or CB. Or both.   I agree we should have acted sooner, or had a better plan B. I don't see it as cockiness though. I see it as slowly letting a situation get out of hand due to the guying being a GOAT, and by then it was too late.   Reich's play calling is not on Ballard. That's on Reich and Eberflus. And Reich's offense has been very limited because of the QB. How mad are you going to be a race car driver after they pulled out his 8 cylinder, and plopped in a 4 cylinder 10 minutes before the race starts?   Blaming Luck retiring on Ballard is nothing but conjecture. If you want to blame anyone, Grigson owns most of it for getting Luck battered for those years.   BTW, Ballard wasn't calling the shots at KC. He absolutely played a part, but he wasn't the GM.    
    • Yeah the lifting weights tipped it off for me but what added to it was he has been critical of Ballard a lot before. Also the way he posted looks like his style. 
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