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Indianapolis Colts


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Barry Sears

AFC South in Round 1

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In Round 1:


Colts - no pick

Jags - Josh Allen (edge)

Titans - Jeffrey Simmons (DT)

Texans - Tytus Howard (OT)


May be difficult to evaluate since we didn't have a pick, but what are your thoughts on the other teams in our division on their picks?  Jags got a break having Allen fall to them, and I know a lot of folks here liked Simmons.  Texans drafted for a need to protect Watson.


In Round 2, we have 3 picks (as of right now); Jags have 1 pick; Titans have 1 pick and the Texans have 2.  Our chance to catch up!

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Hate that Jax got Allen. Hate that the Titans got Simmons but at least we won't see him this year. 

I was surprised to see Howard go that early.

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    • That changes with the wins and losses.  As always, things are never as good as they seem just as they are not as bad as advertised. 
    • He may turn out to be a decent pro, I really don't know. You are better than me at analyzing college players. I just don't watch enough college games to try and guess who will be a good or great pro. I have seen Burrow and Tua play some but it is because they are always on TV. I have looked up Jordan Love on youtube lately because you guys think he may end up being a good pro. To me the draft is fun, mocks are fun to read too, but the draft is also a crapshoot. Teams have to get lucky and guess a lot, like KC did with Mahomes. Baltimore did with Lamar too. With Luck we just knew he would be good to great. For so many good QB's there has been many that have been busts like Ware, Mirer, Shuler, Leaf, Couch, J.Russell, RG3, Mariota, etc.. When those guys came out they were labeled as can't miss pro's. = Will be good at worse. Thank God we took Manning instead of Leaf.
    • Yeah, not a great game for him. He still made some nice throws, but the consistency wasn't there. He had some very questionable accuracy on several important throws that he needed to make.      This was a beautiful throw though. He had several NFL type throws even in this game in which he played far from his best. The lack of consistency is why he won't go day 1 or 2. If he was more consistent we wouldn't be talking about him as an "under the radar"/day 3 QB.      Nah, he needed better accuracy on his throws and needed to get rid off the ball more quickly on several occasions. His OLine didn't help either. 
    • I like him too and think as a starter he can win games, things just aren't going our way right now. Losing that Houston game ruined the season.
    • Best back up in the league, quality guy, I like him.
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