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1st round trade

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How do you feel about the trade from #26, when DE Sweat/SS Abram was on the board, for Redskins 2019 2nd (46th overall; from Redskins) and 2020 2nd round pick. Colts now has:


* 2nd round (34th overall; from Jets)

* 2nd round (46th overall; from Redskins)

* 2nd round (59th overall)

* 3rd round (89th overall)

* 4th round (129th overall)

* 4th round (135th overall; compensatory pick)

* 5th round (164th overall)



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I would've thought perhaps we could either get more than a 2nd round pick or drop less far than 20 picks for one. But all in all, I don't mind it. I think a lot of the prospects who were the right fit for us were off the board, and next year that 2nd round pick will be very nice for us to have. 

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