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Value of First Round WR's...?

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WR in round 2,or 3,or 4


We need to build the DL


There are some very good DL that SHOULD be available at 26

There are some good DL that SHOULD be available in rounds 2,3


There are some very good WR that SHOULD be available in round 2,3,4


BPA is going to be DL..... IMHO....... It should be a clear cut decision at 26


We will find out in a few hours



Stop picking on NCF.......  He is right 90% of the time, and theres a 50% chance of that










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I remember a few years ago.  Or a dozen.  Hard to know, at my age.  Anyway, these guys on this show were having a discussion comparing the different positions on a football team to the parts of a car.  This position is like the chassis.  This one is the wheels.  This one is the engine.  All building up to the massive punch line:  You know what a wide receiver is?  The radio.  Seriously.  Just let that sink in.

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6 hours ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:


I wish I could get paid to be wrong.


free money GIF


There's only so many playoff spots, and only 2 SB teams... So many get paid to be wrong lol.


I don't really give GMs a strike if they make a pick (prospect without injury or behavior flags) based on production and sound scouting, and then the guy either has chronic injury issues or some kind of bad behavior issue out of nowhere. That's why flags are so important, both health and behavior. 


The real issue I have is when GMs ignore flags, or try to get too cute (prospect has questionable production, or limited to a year of good production). That's why I'm a bit risk averse for someone like Simmons and DK Metcalf in the 1st. 


I don't want a WR in R1 this year, but the info provided here doesn't make a great case for not taking one in general.

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12 hours ago, Irish YJ said:

In the words of Bill Tobin (who sucked himself), "who is Mel Kiper" lol..... Kiper couldn't even keep his own promise to retire if he was wrong. And he was very wrong....


Who is Mel Kiper? I'll tell you who Mel Kiper is. He's the man with the sweetest head of hair at the NFL Draft! That's who Mel Kiper is!



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On ‎4‎/‎24‎/‎2019 at 4:08 PM, chad72 said:


Again, people miss the fact that the Patriots signed so many WRs in FA - Wes Welker, Chris Hogan, Randy Moss, Brandin Cooks, Philip Dorsett, and now Demaryius Thomas, some of whom were Round 1 WRs plus Gronk and several RBs in round 2 or earlier.


Giants got Plaxico Burress in FA (SB 2007), Hakeem Nicks through the draft in round 1 (SB 2011), Steelers got Santonio Holmes in Round 1 (SB 2008), Packers got Jordy Nelson in early round 2 (SB 2010), our Colts had Marvin and Reggie in Round 1, Ravens got Anquan Boldin in FA, drafted in round 2 (2012), Eagles got Alshon Jeffery (2015), drafted in Round 2 by Bears etc.


Lots of teams that won SBs have had skill position players drafted within the first 2 rounds. It is the supporting cast they built to go with it that helped them win SBs, but those skilled WRs did contribute. I understand it is "Round 1 WRs" we are talking about but I do think we can get a very good WR we can use well on Day 2. In fact, I think Day 2 is THE sweet spot for skill position players in this draft.


Our aversion to early round WRs/RBs primarily comes from Polian spending all that equity on Round 1 skill position talent (Edge, Clark, Wayne, Addai, Brown, Gonzo) and Grigson following it up with Dorsett and a trade for TRich, and only 1 SB to show for it.


Yay!!! Call me superstitious or whatever.


2005 and onwards, every SB champion has had a skill position player originally drafted in the first 2 rounds, whether they came through FA or the draft to the team that won the SB.


2005 (Heath Miller, Antwan Randle El)

2006 (Marvin, Reggie, Clark, Addai)

2007 (Plaxico Burress)

2008 (Santonio Holmes)

2009 (Jeremy Shockey, Deuce McCallister)

2010 (Jordy Nelson)

2011 (Hakeem Nicks)

2012 (Anquan Boldin)

2013 (Percy Harvin)

2014 (Gronk, Vereen)

2015 (Demaryius Thomas)

2016 (Gronk, Bennett)

2017 (Alshon Jeffery, Ertz)

2018 (Gronk, Michel, Dorsett)


Now, the Colts have a skill position player drafted in the Top 2 rounds, and got another one via FA in Ebron that was originally drafted in Round 1. :) 


SB here we come!!! :) 

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