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Jets are shopping the #3.

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I just saw on NFL network that the Jets would like to "move down and pick up the 2nd round pick they traded to THE COLTS."  (I had to laugh)

I am not saying we should but wouldnt it be funny to fleece them again with their own pick!?

  Just for laughs, our 1st (#26), our  2nd (#34! and their original pick), one of our 4th round picks and ....: a couple shrimp cocktails from St Elmo's.

  Then there is the question of who we'd take.  Or does Ballard pull a Kevin Costner and trade it to the Raiders for ALL 3 of their 1st rounders?

  Chris Ballard.  International man of mystery and GM of the Century.

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Great handle btw!!!  I used to be one myself, but that was quite awhile ago, lol!  


So they want to trade back and regain their 2nd that we obtained from, according to the NFL Network?  Give them their 2nd back and Indy's first, take it or leave it, lol!  Just for laughs though.  I really don't know how prudent it would be for Indy to move up that far??  Anyway, thanks for the info and Happy Easter to all!

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