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WG Scouting Profile #3: Johnathan Abram

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WG Scouting Profile #1 can be found here, and #2 can be found here!


Hey everybody! Back once again with another film breakdown! Today's tape will be on Mississippi State safety Johnathan Abram. Abram is an exciting prospect for me, so I'm happy to do this one! Here's today's film:



In this game against Iowa, Abram had 6 tackles (1.5 TFL) and 0.5 sacks. Let's get started!



- Abram is one of the most physical safeties I have ever watched. He comes at the ball like a bat out of hell on every single play.

- While he doesn't have elite ball skills, Abram is decent in coverage, as he always seems to be in a good position if the pass is thrown his way.

- Though he was going up against both TJ Hockenson and Noah Fant throughout the game, he held his own for most of the game.

- Abram is a special pass rusher from the safety position. He is not quite on a Derwin James level, but he shows skills to beat a blocker on the edge.

- Abram also shows a lot of strength, shedding the block on the first play with ease, which was very impressive.

- Many times, Abram displayed high football IQ in blowing up plays before the rest of the defense can react.



- Abram had one horrible play, though I'm not entirely sure it was his fault. At 1:58, it seems as though the team is in a man-zone mix, and while Abram tries to read the QB, he gets burned hard over the top by the TE. Not sure what happened on that play. Hopefully it was just a brain fart.

- A couple times on the tape, Abram fails to wrap up on his tackle, instead trying to blow up the runner like a missile. Coachable.

- Abram has stiff hips in coverage, but as a box safety which I feel is his best fit in the NFL, he would be fine.


Overall, Abram impressed and failed to impress me simultaneously in this game. He is a talented blitzer and has some good football IQ as well as serviceable coverage skills. While lacking elite technique, Abram has potential to be a long-time NFL starter as a box safety.


Abrams is a good fit for the Colts, but I feel as though he may not be worth a high selection. If the Colts could manage to select him with the 59th or 89th pick, that would be great, but I don't believe his overall talent level stacks up to a top 40 pick. Lets hope he falls.


I need your help! Give me some players to scout for my next few film breakdowns! Thanks for reading!

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This is like Bob Sanders all over again, just that Bob Sanders, when healthy (a big IF) could cover better, IMO.

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20 hours ago, WarGhost21 said:

- Abram is one of the most physical safeties I have ever watched. He comes at the ball like a bat out of hell on every single play.

I thought Ledyard from The Draft Network's start to his eval says it all:


"This man would sooner put you in the hospital than put the ball in the end zone. Abram plays a certifiable crazy brand of football."

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