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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Good article and I believe JB will be the starter in 2020 for at least the first half of the season.  But I do want to point out one thing, Player A keeps talking about how bad an ineffective the offense is this year.  Fans of player B talk about how great he is.
    • Luck and Hoyer would have never been on the roster together, so your "4th" is very creative lol...    And no, he wouldn't have been on the roster if Brissett didn't get hurt, but we wouldn't have traded for a 3rd string 3rd round guy either 2 years ago had Luck not got hurt. So what's your point.... Kelly was signed originally to likely stay on the PS for the year to prove he could behave, not come in and start or be the backup.   Bottom line, Kelly won a back up job in Denver because of his play, and lost it because of his behavior, not because of his play. He got a second chance with an NFL club here, and looked good in pre season, better than Brissett looked last year in pre season (the only clear comparables). So say whatever you want, but understand that all your criticism is pure opinion which is based on zero.   I get it, you like Brissett, but he's already lost a good majority of the fan base. Attendance has been impacted, and ticket sales will be impacted. It is what it is. His stats in just about every major category are below the median (21st QBR, 28th YPG, 23rd AVG), and even the INT stat that everyone keeps throwing out to say he's "good" is actually very very average if you look at INT/Attempt %. And this has been the case all year, not just since "injuries" happened. He's simply below average currently, with a ceiling of average.    As far as undercutting the QB... I've never said start Kelly. I said play him if Monday's game get out of hand. And honestly if they've already decided to draft a QB, undercutting him is irrelevant. The media, fans, and mocks are all trending towards the Colts drafting a QB, so things are only going to get tougher for the FO and JB when it comes to question. He's already took issue with the "audition" question, so pretty sure he's feeling the heat.    And lastly,,, the Colts made Kelly one of the highest paid PS players in the league. Why do that if he's a nothing. There are plenty of nothing QBs out there they could have paid the minimum. They could have simply kept Waker if that were the case. So assuming the FO does like him, and assuming he is keeping his nose clean, there is absolutely value in seeing what he can do in game situations, and especially if they've already decided that JB is not the future.    
    • I am pretty high on him, too(maybe you meant my post in another thread ) he could even be available in the 3rd round. Sit him a year behind JB, let him learn and see what he's got. Could be a real value pick. At least, you will have a cheap backup and i think a 3rd round pick is worth the risk. 
    • That is an angle that is possible.  And it makes some sense for Houston, not so much for Funchess.  Neither were considered Tier 1 FAs.  But again, is a possibility and one I had not considered fully before, thanks. I think the COlts reain his rights whether he gave the money back or not.  But @Superman knows more about that than I do. I'm not sure how thinking Luck quit is assuming the worst.   But oh well.
    • Baltimore Ravens :   Ray Lewis LB Ed Reed S Johnathan Ogden OT    Baltimore Colts :  Lenny Moore RB Gino Marchetti DE Jim Parker G John Mackey TE    Others : Ted Hendricks Baltimore Colts Super Bowl 5 Champion but mainly known as Raider.  Rod Woodson Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl 35 Champion but mainly known as Steeler.    Possible upcoming nominees:    Baltimore Colts :   Johnny Unitas QB Raymond Berry WR    We’ve been lucky to see some pretty darn good players pass through Baltimore.     
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