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***If*** the Colts want to trade up in the 1st Round....

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30 minutes ago, AZColt11 said:

I REALLY don't want to give up either of our 2nd rounders.  I think there will be a TON of value in that range and the Colts are sitting pretty there.  But I would not object to giving up a 3rd rounder to move up several spots if the player they like is sitting there.


I don’t think there’s any chance Ballard gives up his 34th overall selection. That’s basically a late 1st. 

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On 4/4/2019 at 12:39 PM, stitches said:

And lets put a potential trade back options based on the trade chart:


Option 1. Trade down to end of Round 1 - LA Rams trade

26(700)=>31(600) + 99(104) - this is a comp pick in the 3d.


Option 2 Trade down to upper part of R2 - Buffalo Bills

26(700)=>40(500) + 74(220)


Option 3 Trade down to middle-end part of R2 - Philadelphia Eagles trade



Option 4 Trade down for future 1st pick? How do you guys feel about this one? Lets say New Orleans love some of the QBs at the end of the 1st(Daniel Jones for example) and they want to secure him to be their long-term replacement for Brees, but want to get ahead of OAK, NE or some other team potentially trading up at the end of the 1st in order to get him. So they offer #62 + their 1st round pick next year. Do you take it? 

I believe that we wont overpay to go get someone


If anything, we may go for more picks....


I think there are quality players in round 2-3


Option 4 is good

Option 1 or 2 are preferred


I like option 1, as I think one of the DL that we MAY want are still there


Tillary, Lawrence, and maybe Polite, of which one is still on the board









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On 4/4/2019 at 12:34 AM, NewColtsFan said:


In another thread on another page,  poster @Doug Dew talked about what it would cost to move up.    And he did the math.    It was a good post,  but I think it's lost in that bigger discussion.    So, I thought it would be a good idea to bring his info here to a new and separate thread here on the Draft Page where more eyes can see it.


Currently, our pick 26 is valued at 700 Points.


If Ballard decides he has 4 picks in the first three rounds, so he has one extra to play with and he wants to target someone,  here is what it would cost the Colts to move up.   


Pick 34 is valued at 560 points.     That would give us 1260, which comes out to Cincinnati's pick 11 at 1250 points.


Pick 59 is valued at 310 points.     That would give us 1010, which comes out to Carolina's pick 16 at 1000 points.


Pick 89 is valued at 145 points.     That woud give us 845 points, which comes out to Pittsburgh's pick 20 at 850 points.


To be clear,  teams are not bound to the draft board points value chart.   But most teams roughly follow this.    This is an approximation for what a trade might look like.    If we trade up,  I can see Ballard trading one extra pick.    A 2 for 1 deal.    But I do not see him trading a 3 for 1 trade and losing 2 picks.    That would not be a Ballard-like thing for him to do.


Anyway....   the props on this post go entirely to Doug.    He's basically the author.   I just summarized it here for what I hope is a larger audience.


Tip of the hat to DD!        :hat:



Excellent post!  This really breaks down the process very well and even the most pedestrian fan can understand it. Well done by you and Doug Dew.  Personally I hope Indy holds on to their picks as 4 picks in the top 89 is bound to bring in some fine talent!

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