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Mr. Too Proud

Another Trade with The Hoodie( New England)

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3rd times the charm........ but yeah the rivalry is still on. 




Colts trade pick 26 and next year 5th

Its been said many times that a difference maker at position of need may not fall to 26. We move back a couple of spots and pick up two more 3rd round picks.




New England pick 32, 97 and 101

Patriots have plenty of picks to play with this year. Also with a stranglehold over their division they can afford to take risk to keep Tom Brady Superbowl window open a little longer.

 As far as draft chart this trade is roughly 40 to 60 points in our favor.



I came into the draft thinking about getting starters early. Keep in mind with Doyle back how many 3 wide receiver sets are we going to run. Same goes for our defense with Houston and Sheard... I do not see a defensive end coming in and starting over these guys.


Quick 5 round Mock Draft 



1. Jeffrey Simmons DT Mississippi State 

Getting arguable a top 15 talent at the bottom of the draft was to good to pass up. The 5th year option gives me a piece of mind about waiting on his injury. Simmons has experience in both 3-4 and 4-3. His ability to eat up double teams, collapse the pocket and stuff the run open up opportunities for his teammates (Sweat).


Ceiling Comp: Fletcher Cox


2.  Mack Wilson LB Alabama 

Looking at our defense the easiest position to upgrade is the LB spot. Walker is a good LB and there is nothing wrong with him coming off the bench like AJ Klein did for the Panthers.

Mack provide coverage skills of a safety. On field speed (not 40 time) is above average. Fills the right gaps on running plays and the ability to play QB spy. Coming from a long line of Alabama LBs some have been super stars, while others have been average he has history on his side because recently few have been bust. 


Ceiling Comp: Telvin Smith


2. Riley Ridley WR Georgia 

Ridley is in a similar situation as Micheal Thomas (Saints) when entering the draft. Both are strong WR, run great routes, strong hands but was in a system in college that was run dominate. Ridley has two more things that stands out, his brother is already in the league and he has experience going against the top CBs in college football. 


Ceiling Comp Michael Crabtree 



3.Jachai Polite DE Flordia 

This is a far drop for a player once considered to be a 1st rounder. Polite did terrible at combine and probably have been taken off draft boards due to poor numbers and interviews. Before you roll your eyes last year Orlando Brown dropped from 1st round tackle to 3rd rounder because of a terrible combine so thats the logic behind this pick. 

Polite posses a deadly spin move and the ability to dip under bigger offensive lineman. He comes in to play a role similar to Jonathan Newsome where he can pin his ears back and just focus on rushing the QB.


Ceiling Comp: Noah Spence


3. Zach Allen Boston College 

Allen lack of athleticism and lack of position have a few looking at him like Bjorn Werner. Allen is a technician at the DE position his hand placement, balance and power punches makes up for lack of bend. He can really make his money with his timing. Allen had 7 passes tipped/batted down (Deandre Baker and Greedy Williams had 9)


Ceiling Comp: Derek Wolfe


3. Micheal Jordan OG/C/OT Ohio State 

Jordan has played every position on the interior of the line. He comes in and can be back up center to Ryan Kelly who only complete season was his rookie year. At 6'6 and his ability to get to the 2nd level makes me want to give him some reps at tackle during practice and preseason. A player who can contribute anywhere on the line could be invaluable when trying to figure out the final 53 man roster.


Ceiling Comp: Gordy Glenn 



4. Rodney Anderson RB Oklahoma 

Anderson if healthy would be in the running for RB 1 in this class. His long history of injuries makes him a very high risk player whom more than likely won't get to his second contract. 

Anderson has vision, balance and burst. He is a natural hand catcher and will be dangerous in the screen and short passing game. Behind our offensive line he has a chance to gain 400 to 600 all purpose yards.



Ceiling Comp: Theo Riddick to Matt Forte (if healthy)



4. Jazz Ferguson WR North Western 

Hmmmm 2 WR in the draft you say. This draft has 2 players on the Pup list Simmons and Anderson which buys us at least 6 weeks to evaluate and give all our WR some burn. On top of that in a contact sport like the NFL there's bound to be a injury its just the nature of the sport.  Lastly if you look at our potential free agents next year we could lose a lot of height and big time redzone targets (Ebron, Funchess and Doyle) to ridiculous contracts. Ferguson even though he's a developmental player could step up to fill this role.


Ferguson had a scholarship for LSU so the talent has been there. He dominated the lower competition and had several "Moss em" catches. He comes in with appreciation for the 2nd chance and probably a chip on his shoulders. Height, speed and the ability to get the jump ball makes Ferguson a weapon for Luck.


Ceiling Comp Vincent Jackson 



5. Jamal Peters CB/ S Mississippi State 

Peters is a enforcer in the secondary. He plays better in zone than man but can run with TEs. He played both safety and CB at Mississippi State. 


Ceiling Comp: Cam Chancellor 



Should/Would we trade with New England?


What you do if we pull this trade?

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