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Wanted to do one before the combine but school caught up to me. To be honest, school is still killing me but I need an excuse away from Uni haha


Just for the record, I like drafting players with high upside. Some of these guys (most of these guys), will need time. I'm not drafting players that will best help the 2019 Colts. I'm drafting players that help the 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 Colts and so on. 


Side Note: Could probably swap the first two picks. 

Round 1, Pick 26: Dre'Mont Jones DT Ohio State

It's important for this 4-3 style defense to have that distrupter in the interior. Jones can be that guy. Incredibly athletic, with loads of room to grow, if the team can develop him properly, he can be a building block for the defense. He is a bit raw, but that's what you have coaching for. His ability to push the pocket and force QBs to make quick decisions will help our playmakers like Leonard and Hooker do what they do best, make plays on the ball. 


Round 2, Pick 34: Brian Burns DE Florida State

I'm doubling down on the Dline, once again, with a player who is an athletic freak, but needs lots of coaching. He's fast and had a great combine, plus he's got all the tools to become a stud pass rusher. I'd like to see him get a bit heavier, cause the bigger OTs will bully him.  


Round 2, Pick 59: Taylor Rapp S Washington

Aggressive on the ball and the point of attack. He has the range to be a centre fielder, a la Hooker, but doesn't have Malik's ball skills. He can match up against TEs downfield though, which is a huge weakness for our defense. Good athlete who tackles well, he can form a great duo with Hooker on the split zones. 


Side note: I don't believe in having a safety solely for run support. The safeties job is to be your last line of defense and protect the second level. If a teams run defense is that bad, it's probably cause your front seven sucks haha  


Round 3, Pick 90: Tytus Howard OT Alabama State

Got the size and athleticism to be an NFL tackle. From what I can gauge, he needs some technical refinement, especially with his hand placement. His ability to move around freely tells me that at his best, he could handle the top speed rushers in the NFL. He needs a year to sit and learn, and depending on how AC and Smith look next season, he could slot in to either T spot in 2020.


Round 4, Pick 123: Josh Oliver TE San Jose State

A mismatch due to his strong frame and big hands, giving him the ability to make contested catches. The Colts love their TEs and he can be used in a variety of looks even in year one, plus with Doyle and Ebrons contracts expiring, it's nice to have a player like Oliver to develop.


Round 4, Comp Pick: Kendall Joseph LB Clemson

Joseph was touted for having a great football IQ and instincts. He's got a nose for the ball, and is a capable tackler. Plays hard and tackles well. He's got physical limitations, but in the right role, he can shoot gaps and make plays. 


Round 5, Pick 154: Hunter WR Renfrow Clemson

Ok Renfrow is weird because he's not big, he's not fast, he's not a highlight reel like Hollywood Brown or DK or N'Keal. But he gets open, and he catches the ball. That's the most important part of a wide reciever. He can play slot and with the right coaching, can perhaps become a Julian Edelman clone. I like Isabella a lot too, but he's all but gonna be gone by round 3. Renfrow is more than a nice consolation.


Round 6, Pick 187: Montre Hartage CB Washington

Good ball skills, excelled in zones. Not great in run support, which probably hurts his chances at playing nickel in our defense, but has some traits that could be developed. 


Round 7: Some dude that none of us have heard of probably 


I'll be honest I haven't done much for this years draft, and because of school, I don't plan to, but I wanted to do a mock and those are some guys I liked (which probably means they all gonna bust). Let me know what you think

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Hey man I like what you did here as far as the positions you addressed. I’m not a huge Jones fan would much rather take Tillery. I think the only way we get Burns is flipping the first 2 picks as you said. It would still require luck but I’d love for it to happen. 


The 5th round I’d rather have Mecole Hardman from UGA. I really hope we draft this kid. He’s  true home run threat in 2 phases of the game Tyreek Hill 2.0. He would be the most dangerous KR/PR we’ve seen starting day 1. I think the kids going to be special. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be that upset with Renfro. Like I said like what you did here. 

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Thanks for posting

You may end up being 100% right, but there are a few notes


I like Burns. A lot.


He is a bit light, and could be a rotational pass rusher, that we need, as he puts some weight on

to be more effective vs the run...... where he will be a liability to teams running right at him


I would be EXTREMELY happy if he was there at 26......  I'd grab him


The odds of him making it to 26 are probably less than 20% though IMHO.



Dremont has had some very average workouts. He is not as big, strong or fast as everyone believed him to be and he will probably still be there in round 3



I like Rapp. He fits the bill of a Safety, and has the size needed to be a SS, and can deep cover the other side of the field from Hooker


If we havent taken a safety at our 34th pick, and Rapp is still on the board..... He would be an excellent choice (Check on the tape of Chauncy Gardner, Michigan game, and highlights, as another option)


I very much like the choice of an OT..... which sounds like a Ballard move



Good draft......  (Im a HUGE Buckeye fan, and I wouldnt grab him that early)





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6 hours ago, NorthernBlue said:

I like drafting players with high upside. Some of these guys (most of these guys), will need time. I'm not drafting players that will best help the 2019 Colts. I'm drafting players that help the 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 Colts and so on. 

Nice draft.  Looks good and the quoted is the way to go!

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