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With FA wrapping up, its time to adjust the predictions


1. Cardinals- Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma


Cards will trade Rosen. Murray is the better athlete and better prospect. 


2. 49ers- Joey Bosa EDGE Ohio State


Easily the best prospect on the board and will give the 49ers their pass rush specialist opposite Ford.


3. TRADE Giants- Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State


Giants get their QB of the future 


4. Raiders- Josh Allen EDGE Kentucky


Perfect replacement for Mack as the raiders struggled to get to the QB last year.


5. Bucs- Quinnen Williams DT Alabama


If Mccoy is gonna be released by the bucs, Williams is the perfect replacement.


6. Jets- D.K Metcalf WR Ole Miss


Jets get Darnold a monster weapon


7. Jags- Noah Fant TE Iowa


Very early for Fant, but I think his combine performance will make teams interested also Foles loves throwing to TEs


8. Lions- Rashan Gary EDGE Michigan


Lions have Gary in their own backyard and Patricia knows to build in the trenches


9.TRADE Redskins- Drew Lock QB Missouri


Redskins jump ahead of the Broncos to get their QB. Broncos are rumored to want Lock so they jump ahead to get their guy


10. Broncos- Greedy Williams CB LSU


Broncos are aging in the secondary and go after the top CB


11. Bengals- Devin White LB LSU


Bengals need to start reworking their defense and they get the leader of their defense


12. Packers- Clelin Ferrell EDGE Clemson


Add to the packers pass rush after losing Clay Mathews and Nick Perry 


13. Dolphins- Daniel Jones QB Duke


Dolphins luck out and have one of the top four QBs fall to them


14. Falcons- Montaze Sweat EDGE Mississippi State


Falcons get some help for Vic Beasly


15. Bills- Ed Oliver DT Houston


A steal for the bills after trading down and allows them to booster their pass rush


16. Panthers- Jonah Williams OT Alabama


Cam Newton has been getting hit too much and needs help on the oline


17. Giants- Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma


Giants got their QB, now they get a WR to replace Beckham


18. Vikings- Jawaan Taylor OT Florida


Vikings need to booster their oline to give Cousins and Cook some help


19. Titans- T.J Hockenson TE Iowa


The titans need a new TE to replace Walker who is 34 and injury prone


20. Steelers- Devin Bush LB Michigan


Steelers need a new face in the middle of their defense after losing Ryan Shazier


21. Seahawks- Greg Little OT Ole Miss


Wilson needs some help on the oline for years now and getting Little at 21 is a steal


22. Ravens- A.J Brown WR Ole Miss 


The Ravens give Jackson some help and try to get it right at WR


23. Texans- Cody Ford G/T Oklahoma


Watson has been sacked constantly and needs to get protected


24. Raiders- Christian Wilkins DT Clemson


Raiders are able to add more to their pass rush after getting Josh Allen


25. Eagles- Deandre Baker CB Georgia 


Eagles need a lot of help in the secondary and Baker falls due to rumors of him having "bad interviews"


26. Colts- Brian Burns EDGE Florida State


Ballard loves his pass rushers even with the addition of Houston and maybe Ray. Sheard is also on the last year of his contract and would save 8 mil if cut. 


27. Raiders- Byron Murphy CB Washington


Raiders continue to rebuild their defense


28. Chargers- Rock Ya-Sin CB Temple


Maybe alittle early for Ya-Sin, but the chargers need secondary help


29. Chiefs- Jachai Polite EDGE Florida


Chiefs lost both Houston and Ford and need to add to their pass rush


30. Packers- Nasir Adderley S Delaware


Packers worked on their CB last year and got their pass rusher earlier and now they keep working on their secondary


31. Rams- Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson


Rams replace Suh on the dline


32. Patriots- Parris Campbell WR Ohio State


I hate myself for doing this, but I think Campbell's Combine propels him into the first round. BB loves creating mismatches and Mcdaniels will use Campbell in a lot of different ways to create mismatches

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I like Burns...... I keep thinking that he will be gone before our pick.....


I would be happy with this draft


He needs some time in the weightroom

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Great draft.  Burns would be great at 26.  I find it hard to believe Jacobs will fall out of the 1st. rd though.  I would have thought Eagles or Raiders somewhere.  If he does he could be a choice at 34.  

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Based on their Free Agency moves, I think the Bengals will trade down and then draft a punter in the late 1st.

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19 hours ago, boo2202 said:

Andre dillard in 2nd?

true lol if this happened I'd take him at 26 9 times out of 10

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22 hours ago, boo2202 said:

Andre dillard in 2nd?


I wanted to give the texans Dillard, but Ford is versatile and they need help all over the line

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11 minutes ago, CR91 said:


I wanted to give the texans Dillard, but Ford is versatile and they need help all over the line

Yea I would love for the first round to play out like this. Burns would be an ideal pick at #26 then if Dillard was there at #34 that would be a homerun imo.

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    • With AD, LeBron and keeping Kuzma it is a good start. I have to see what they put around that. Kuzma is a good player. Ingram has health problems and without Ball the Lakers have no outside nonsense with daddy Ball. He was an outside soap opera distraction. Lakers still need shooting and a PG, so we will see.  
    • - Again, you're still in the minute few (and LA fans) that believe those players were equal to AD. I commend Demps for not bending to LA/Lebrons nonsense. NO literally got 1 mid-level starter, and 2 average bench players for a top-5 player. Sorry, but you're lying to yourself if you think NO benefited any from this trade. However, yes, you were right about the trade.    - What good is Kuzma when he's watching Zion eat up his minutes? There is at least some flexibility with the #4 pick that could be traded for another veteran. They could use an upgrade at SG.   - With the way LA is being built, I'd be surprised if they even make it past the Conference Finals, let alone make it to the Finals. 
    • Even though I am excited about the young WRs and even though I didn't like Grigs...I am going to have to defend him here a bit.   With Grigs there is 5 seasons of data points...Ballard only has two (because we haven't yet see how this one plays out from the WR standpoint)...so there are going to be more of these on-year WR "misses." I don't expect Ballard will continue to sign these stopgap WR types...but like Grigs...he was definitely not immune to paying money to crappy WRs.   So I don't think it's totally fair to discredit Grigs for having a "problem" with one-year WR busts...and then toss out the two that Ballard has had in his first seasons. It's been an issue for a long time.   Also...if we judge Ballard on the whole picture...we should Grigs as well. Grigs re-signed Reggie...when many thought they should move on. He signed Avery...the last good one-year WR deal (until this year hopefully). He drafted Hilton. He drafted Moncrief...who people were just as high on as they are Campbell or Cain. He brought in Chester Rogers. He made some pretty great moves...and some pretty bad ones as well.   And while we can be confident about Ballard...when it comes to WR...it's still  wait and see.     
    • Dickerson all-time is a top 5 RB ever. I have:   Jim Brown Emmitt Smith Walter Payton Barry Sanders Eric is #5.  I would take Tony Dorsett over Faulk. 1995 turned me off from Faulk. We would've won the SB had he played in 95 and he quit - BOOO. 
    • I am not a huge LeBron fan but LA is in great shape with AD and plenty of cap space. We will know more once Free Agency is over. I told you LA would get AD, I knew I would be right on that one. I thought Kuzma would be a part of it though. LA even kept Kuzma lol. When Magic offered the deal Kuzma was a part of it but Demps was dumb and didn't do the trade. Kuzma is by far better than any 4th pick they will get. There are only 3 sure picks = Zion, Ja, and RJ.
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