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20 UFA in 2020 and 31 free agents overall...

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Im actually a bit shocked over the huge number of free agents we have next year.

Yes I know, It will look different when roster cuts are made, but as of right now we have 31 free agents next year.


Notable names for next off season:




Jihad Ward













Skai Moore



Rigoberto Sanchez


Those I havn't mentioned, I don't believe will make the roster cuts.


But man thats a lot of free agents.

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That's why we didnt spend heavy this off season

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Eh. Im pretty sure their are plenty of teams in similar situations with just as many pending free agents and a lot less cap space and they will all be fine.  This also doesn't even factor in what the new CBA will look like after negotiations. 


From the list it looks like a lot will be replaced with rookies, some will be let go with the intention of possibly netting a comp pick, some will age out of Ballards preferred age range, some will retire, and some can be signed with the money from cap inflation alone.


I see a lot of possible 1 and 2 year contracts in that group.  The only name that jumps out that will see a big long term contract is Castanzo. Teams are always willing to throw money at left tackles with starting experience who are at least average and I would say Castanzo is above average. 

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Looking at it though, it doesn't look as bad as it initially sounds.  


Kelly will get his 5th year option picked up.  So he won't be an FA next year.  His option will cost around 10 to 11 million most likely.  


Outside of that you have TE.  We'd have to bring back either Ebron or Doyle or replace them with another TE from the draft.


Castanzo we could bring him back for a couple more years or replace him.  He is getting up there in age.


Vinny would have to be re-signed or replaced.  But he's a kicker, not a huge deal.


Sanchez and Kenny Moore would need to be tendered as RFA's. 


Rhodes is a long snapper so he will cost like a million per year.


ERFA's are tendered at minimum salaries.  


The rest of the guys are mostly depth.  So we could let a lot of them walk and maybe just concentrate on bringing back the best depth players.  Farley and Boehm.  


We'll still likely have 60 million in cap space after bringing back everyone.  

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