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Indianapolis Colts
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    • To go right along with your tired argument, again.
    • Jacoby is good, hes not great, hes not elite.  In time, with the right team around him and the right coaching he might be great, but probably never elite.     Past few years hes been a very good backup, just because he was thrust into a starting role doesnt mean his skillset automatically makes the leap with him.  The demands on that skillset do, but the set is the same.   I like Jacoby alot, I'm glad we have him.  I honestly believe hes the right guy for right now.  Given the circumstances we couldn't have done better and I've really enjoyed watching him this year.  But hes a "top 20" qb in the best assessment of the people around him.  Not exactly glowing, but probably pretty fair.   The clock ticks on these mid talent dudes tho.  Unfortunately, as time moves on, his flaws will probably become more apparent than his strengths.   I'm not saying he cant improve, it's just that I believe those improvements will be marginal at best.  At this level there are so many intangibles, physical traits, mental acuity, etc that all eventually top out long before things like desire, skill, leadership, and work ethic.   If hes going to succeed it's not going to be on his own.  It will be as much about the team they build around him, and a scheme that continues to feature what he does best.  It's a much tougher proposition and it's going to lead to neverending debate in forums like these.  But its not ever going to be all about jacoby.    
    • His pod casts are always a good listen. I'm at work so I cant dig through and give you the exact spot right now but the whole thing is good if you cant get enough colts info.   
    • That’s because he through 3 INT. We didn’t come close to losing because of one missed point. Miami’s offense was given 13 points and didn’t even have to move the ball  much to get a FG.     Read the post. I said the Pitt game. As for the Miami game we lost by less that the TD Ebron  botched but I didn't refer to that game.     Not surprised you are not answering this post Chloie. Didn't answer it last week either.
    • I hear ya, but...  Benadryl.     2nd 'consecutive' year starting... with same scheme and offensive coordinator.   These were not the nearly the same in JB7's case.   And after 4 full years under Charlie Weis in the Earhardt-Perkins system he installed there (and still use),  Weis moved on and also told TB12 he had nothing more for him     Different schemes and different offensive coordinators, with a year on the pine in between. Every situation is unique.  Like Aaron Rodger year 4...     Charlie Weis ( and BB ) saw the 'it' factor in a young Tom Brady. Weis says he saw it in JB7 as well. (as, apparently, did Bill Parcells).  It's at least because of these 2 endorsements I placed my trust in Reich and JB7, and still do until >30 starts and 4 years manning the helm.   BTW, Pat Kirwan labeled JB7 as backup QB... until recently. He said JB7 won him over as a true blue NFL starting QB.   Time will tell.
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