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Barry Sears

It's Big Q's Birthday!

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9 hours ago, Barry Sears said:

Wanted to start a topic for our All Pro Guard!!!  Saw this on the Colts Facebook page.




That much closer to retirement.   How will we replace him?!?!?

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    • Well it would be nice to get a good seed in the playoffs.  
    • I don't see it.     Ballard isn't one to make big moves.  And I don't think he's going to want to pay an RB big money either.     People like to start these rumors simply because we have all sorts of cap space to pay guys who are looking for big extensions that their clubs arn't giving to them.  But Ballard doesn't like to spend big money on outside players.   
    • My question is that if he can do those drills, and it's a calf/ankle problem. . . What can't he do that would prevent him from playing in a game?     I mean the only other things I can think of is get hit and run.     I am hoping that this is an injury that wouldn't keep him out of a meaningful game.  But it's hard to say, they don't give us much to go on.  
    • Depends on your definition of a blowout.  IMO both the Jets and Pats game we’re blowouts.     No question on the Chiefs game.     Again, all those were because of non quality depth.  I really think that’s been addressed.  Which is why I’m calling for none of that this season.  
    • He was but Ballard felt like moving down and getting the second rounder next year was worth losing him.     I'm ok with it, CB was also sort of a need and Ballard got Rock instead + a #2 next year.  Geathers is an ok stop gap until then.  But if we're looking at the 2020 draft this early, Strong Safety is the one need from 2018 that we didn't really fill.  So I would say it has to top the early list.    
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