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Possible Safety Candidate In Free Agency


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O.J. Atogwe because I don't feel like butchering his first name. He was just released by the Redskins and I think he would be a good pick up. Now he is 30 years old but I think he can be a good stop gap for the time being. If you want to know his statistics they are:

Career NFL statistics as of week 17, 2011 Tackles 450 Sacks 5.5 INTs 25 FFs 16 TDs 1

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I liked Oshiomogho (awesome-wa) more than many did in his season here and would recommend him over our other departing safety. He really had a hard time with injuries, though, and was never at 100% when he did play. He'd definitely be worth a flier on the cheap so long as you have a backup plan.

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Isnt there someone better on the market? Someone that wont break the bank but will be an upgrade?

I'd rather the Colts coaches coach up our draft picks. I do think Lefeged, in the 3-4 hybrid where safeties play pass coverage more, will fit better and the former secondary coach with the Ravens, is the Colts safeties coach now. I feel it will be Lefeged and Bethea manning the safety position come day one. Mike Newton had a very good year in the CFL too in pass coverage, so I hope he is a better fit this time around than his previous stint with the Colts in 2010.

We have to beef up our front seven so that we can play the run with our front seven, I think that will be the key to this whole scheme working great.

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