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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I agree with this 1000x. We have good depth (except at OT), and need more play makers. But one of the play makers needs to be 3T, and the other QB.
    • Haha that comment let’s me know where your argument stands. 
    • Teddy isn't good, so the decision isn't that hard. 
    • Keep in mind most thought Turay was a better tackler in space than a rusher coming into the draft. He's actually improved tremendously as a pass rusher, and I think he could turn out to be a 3 down guy. He was very wiry coming in from Rutgers, and has gotten "thicker" while not losing speed. Verdict is still out, but he was trending well before injury.   Banogu..... I didn't like that pick from the start. I think this was a case of Ballard getting too cute and reaching. I agree, way too early for a pure project. And all the SAM talk I thought was foolish from the start too. I'm glad the experiment ended early. I hope they attached a trainer to his hip this off season to teach him pass rush moves. He's got upside for sure, but a low floor as well.     Espenesa is full of holes IMO. I've read a bunch, and watched a bunch. He's got power, but no burst, and poor lateral movement. I think he's fools gold and a product of scheme, system, and surrounding players. Hats off to Ferentz who got the most out of him, but IMO he's not going to be a boss in the NFL. He's my candidate for biggest draft day drop.   I'd take Kinlaw or Gallimore over Epenesa all day every day. I'd take Chaisson over Epenesa too, but not before Kinlaw or Gallimore.   IMO, if you add a good 3T, the entire front 4, and the entire D (especially the DBs) take a big step forward. Adding another DE without a 3T is going to give us more of the same. We simply need a presence in the middle more than anything, and IMO it's not even close.
    • If you are signing a one or two year deal worth roughly 30/year for Brees and are clearly in win now you sign other players as well to help that correct? So yes a smart GM goes for the Super Bowl and not a QB room that has 20% of the teams cap. That is common sense. 
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