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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Last year we didn't get the IDL we wanted and traded back after a quick run in the first round.  This year also expect both Brown and Kinlaw to be gone by pick 13.  Was high on Gallimore  as next best option but he weighed in much shorter than preferred and see him dropping.    Wouldn't surprise me to see us draft Justin Madubuike from Texas A&M who is versatile and can play either 3T or 5T and had one of the best combine check-in stats next to Kinlaw.  Guess it will all boil down to how well each player does at the Combine testing on whom we select in the first round.  
    • Looked up contracts on Ebron and Doyle just to compare and doubt we sign Hooper based on current FA projections.  Hooper hear probably get overpaid around 10m/yr and Ebron and Doyle don't even make over 8m a year as league veterans.  Sad reality is not many good to great TEs available to be found in FA and feel that resigning Ebron is our wisest move this year and draft a top TE on Day 2.
    • IMO people want the easy way out, they think it will be easy finding our next QB when in reality there is nothing easy about the position we find ourselves in in regards to QB. This is a recurring theme I've seen among Colts fans - the cheapest we can go at QB the better - from "Kelly is the answer" to "but 5-2 start shows we can win with Jacoby", to "why draft a QB in the first, when you can take a shot in round 3-4?" etc. It's a version of taking QB for granted. We've never had to worry about QB in the last 20+ years, so now it looks like people just think the 7th rounder, 4 years with no starts in the league Kelly will suddenly become the solution for our problems or that a wild shot late in the draft will turn out good for us.    The reality is there is no easy solution for franchise QBs... overwhelming majority of franchise QBs require serious investment. Sure you can strike gold in the 3d but chances are not great overall. 
    • Simmons didn't impress me all that much last year. College wise, I like both Brown and Kinlaw more to be honest. If there's anyone that I wanted last year on the DL, it would have been Sweat at our original slot. Had a very nice year with like 7 or 8 sacks IIRC.
    • I was hoping for 2 as well to take advantage of the depth. I was hoping to take one in the 3rd or 4th, then one in the 5th or 6th. That extra 6th would have been nice this year taking a shot at a project. IMO, there will a few really nice project WRs left in the 6th and 7th. Some, not so much "project". 
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