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Indianapolis Colts
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    • If I had to guess...I would say 2-4 (maybe 3-3)...with more of a focus on rushing...especially around the goal line.   Hard to know what game plans would look like though...but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that Hoyer (or someone else) could operate well in this efficient Reich offense. They use a lot of rub routes and other creative ways of getting guys open. It’s a far cry from the other offenses we have seen.   I remember, back in 2015, the Colts offense looking very efficient with Hasselback at the helm for a handful of games (which they won most of)...as they went to a similar offense. And I could see Hoyer doing just that.   But like Hasselback...I think he would get exposed eventually. Definitely have the best QB on the team going forward.
    • Interesting, is notice of requirement to visit a medical rep considered PHI?  And was it disseminated by a 'covered entity'?     To my understanding, People that get a hold of Protected Health Information (without illegal action of their own) and are not in the medical field and not in the direct care of the subject are not under HIPAA rules (covered entity). Those that allowed the leaks or discovery of such PHI may well be ... depending.   Also, Dr. John Lombardo independently runs the Substance abuse and PES testing.  (has been for 28 years).  The NFL/NFLPA collectively bargained the program, and he can be dismissed by either side at any time.   Each player faces one mandatory test per year under each policy. In addition, 10 players per team are chosen randomly by computer (cough: smart computer?) each week during the preseason, regular season and postseason to be tested under the policy on banned performance-enhancing substances. (only)   Rec drugs of abuse tested in the off season, or if one has previously rested positive.      
    • I think we've pretty much covered that big win over Houston on Sunday, so let's look at our next opponent.   Denver actually scares me a bit...not saying it's a trap game, but after two big wins against two very good teams, it's possible for a let down against a weak Broncos team.   Their offense isn't very good, but they do have some weapons in the backfield.  I think if we get pressure on Flacco, then he's going to be ineffective.  If they decide to run the ball, then we need to be ready to stuff the running game.   Defensively, they aren't terrible...they have some very good DBs, so we may be running the running the ball more this week.   Reich has done a very good job designing an offensive game plan to exploit the opponent's weaknesses, so I expect the same this Sunday.   Thoughts?
    • Well said. There's not enough attention paid to how well respected Jacoby is in the locker room, and the cohesion that comes with that. I agree it would be really hard to find someone that could duplicate or better the success he's had this year. If he continues his strong play, I think the sensible move would be to put as many pieces as we can around him, and continue to develop the defensive side of the ball as well, and make a run these next however many years. 
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