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Indianapolis Colts
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    • And FWIW, threeflight stopped posting months ago, but has been lurking in the forums.   He "just happened" to pop back in 3 hours ago (right after this thread was created) and Nadine was on his profile right after.   Maybe I'm not supposed to point that out, but if you don't believe in coincidences, then islandecho REALLY stinks like threeflight.  It would be interesting to have access to member IP addresses...  
    • I'd love Eli over Hoyer to bring on a new drafted QB though.
    • Below are stats pre TB that I listed in another thread...    In the individual stats, he's got 2 bad, one horrible, one average, and one barely good (INT%). If you take into account his low attempts, he's not that great at all. QBR and AVG are the two best measurements overall for a QB IMO, and well, both bad...    In short, I weigh a lot more on what he "does do" that's good (which is very little), rather than "what he doesn't do" that's bad (INT%).        
    • I see your point.  Hopefully it's not threeflight incognito, and hopefully we didn't scare off a new member.   But if you go back and read their posts...  it kinda stinks of threeflight.  And do we want another threeflight?    The threads that guy would create after a loss or during the offseason...  "I lifted weights and dealt with injuries, our players are weenies!"...  I mean, c'mon, having to deal with one threeflight was bad enough for our moderators, I'd hate for them to have to deal with two of them!  
    • I like him a lot. He's like a raw Patrick Mahomes. He had nothing to work with at Utah State this year as most of his team graduated around him, and I think he had a new coach. He should fall to the 2nd IMO, and we can groom him a year behind Brissett.
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