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    • Thanks.    Good read.    But sad read.   I'd say,  he's come to the right franchise.   I think the front office, the coaching staff and his teammates will take good care of him.    And I think we will use him right.   We will play to his strength.   Hopefully,  Funchess will turn into Ebron 2.0.   Thanks for linking this.....  
    • I'm not 100% convinced it was either work ethic, or that it was well known.   What I recall is more of a sense that Turay had hit the famous Rookie Wall.     I don't recall reading articles that talked about Turay and a lack of worth ethic.   Where as, when Wilson had trouble,  there were all sorts of articles.     We had four different articles.    From the GM,  from the HC,  from the DC and from the player.    (And still,  there were people here who would not accept that view).     But at least,  it was written about.   Am I misremembering?   Were there articles written where Turay's work ethich was talked about and I missed them?    I don't even recall threads that talked about Turay's work ethic.   Anyone?     Anyone at all?  
    • I just keep on scrolling past the *s who think we should let AC walk because ''he's too old''
    • I agree. I hope it was just him having to learn to be a pro. Kind of the same situation as Wilson. What I like about Banagu it seems he already has that in him. He said he will do anything just to get on the field. Houston hopefully will be a good example for both.
    • I really liked what I seen in the short time from Turay. My fear though, if he had to be motivated to work, what will happen if he explodes for the next few years, gets the big contract and then relaxes? It has to be a desired trait to want to be the best at all costs, not told to do it. My best hope is that he was such a stud at his previous level that he just thought he could half butt it and he got the message and goes on to have an outstanding career here. I’m excited to see what he does this year regardless. He could be better than Mathis. 
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