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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I never said he has swag.  Someone else said he has swag.   The broader point is, everything favorable I've read about Love on this forum has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything important.  THE most important thing in a NFL QB is decision making...knowing where to throw the football.....and even more precisely...where NOT to throw it.   So if/when the comments about Love start to center around how well he has command over his ability to see the field and know coverages, then the chatter will get to the important stuff.  Right now, just about any other discussion point is a waste of time, and has been for several weeks.   He's a nice kid with a great attitude.  Whoopie.  I say that about Fromm too, whoopie about leadership and personality.  In Fromm's case, will his hand size and physicality be a problem.   And we all know about Eason's work ethic, and his faults under pressure.  Yet, we hardly ever hear about Loves decision making,  even though decision making far far far outweighs hand size, arm talent, or turning your back under pressure (however, I'd say work ethic is up there with decision making)    
    • Jacoby Brissett says the same thing. That must be why he's so good at throwing them. I think Eason is a Jeff George clone.
    • Interesting point.... if Ballard was personally scouting Love well BEFORE Luck announced his retirement... one would have to ask why.   It's understandable that Ballard was intrigued by Love's 2018 production, but not to the level of spending a 1st rounder on him, not yet knowing Andrew was going to tap out.    
    • It was literally meant that he has a confidence about him. You're pulling a word out of context and applying it to a preconceived belief about Love (his inability to read coverage well, ala the 17 INTs).   If I'm trying to make actual sense out of your post it would be that you're concerned that he's arrogant and overconfident in his abilities to read defenses, which has and will lead to a lot of INT's. Anyone that actually watched the presser would agree that that wasn't the feeling you walk away with.
    • Yes.  This is the case with several important positions in the NFL.  LT and EDGE come to mind.  Once in a while, a blind squirrel finds the Mathis EDGE or that LT in PITT in later rounds, but generally the franchise guy you want in one of those two positions has to have enough talent to be selected in the top 45 picks.  And QB might have to be Top 32.   GS, Cs, FSs, WRs, RBs, TEs and other productive starters can be found in the mid rounds, but not QB, EDGE, or LT.  JMO.
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