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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Potentially 4/5 qbs can go before the Colts get a chance to pick one. How likely is that now?
    • Going to kick off my WR write ups with Brandon Aiyuk, Listed between 6 and 6-1 but typically shows 205 for weight. He was the successor for N'keal Harry out of Arizona State however the two couldn't be more opposite. The guy is a absolute burner once he gets behind a defense. Games watched were against Michigan state, USC, Oregon state and Oregon. I will say he did suffer from some QB play and there were several times he was open but was overlooked.   Strengths The kid is an absolute burner and once he is gone, go ahead and mark it a TD. Versatile and will play special teams and return kicks and punts at a very effective rate. Does a absolutely wonderful job of setting up a CB for a double move. Has quick and choppy feet. Can be very agile and when he wants he can leave a defender in his dust after his first cut. Shows that he consciously attempts to catch the ball with his hands. Shows the ability to learn and get better and is a good candidate to build up.   Weaknesses He is not physical at all. If he gets pressed at the line he will lose the battle 90% of the time.  This comes in at blocking as well, there are times where he just moves his feet and lets the defender run right beside him. Has a problem with drops and losing control of the ball, is a natural body catcher even though he will try to use his hands to catch the ball. He almost seems lazy at times and can be very slow in and out of breaks. He gives up on routes before the ball is thrown if he doesnt think he is going to have the ball thrown to him. A Lot of his film leaves me questioning his effort and motor.   Overall I came into watching his film very excited from a little bit of forum hype. His numbers where impressive enough to see him as a higher prospect. However I came away very unimpressed. He is a deep threat WR but does not have a sudden step to him. He is a longer build up speedster. I don't think he would be a good fit for the Colts, I believe we drafted the same style player only way more dynamic in Parris Campbell last year. A team like the Ravens or Chargers would likely be a much better fit for him. What turned me off the most on him was how sluggish he is during some plays and almost appears like he is just jogging to his break in the route, he's  got the speed so i'm not sure why he doesn't utilize it? Low effort players do nothing to me no matter how athletic they are.     I am trying to keep these less in depth then last year because of complaints how long they have been in previous years, I also will not include guess' like draft spot and player comps unless one just jumps out at me.
    • God, yeah that was another beautiful pass. Just now learning about his baseball background and I can see it now.
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