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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Mr irsay must be beside himself with  luck retiring,the collapse we are going through.Is Irsay raising ticket prices in 2020?We need to be aggressive like John lynch .He identifies jimmy g and gets him .Lynch Best gm in football  
    • You also need a good running game to complement the QB, something we seem to have in place against Ds that are susceptible vs the run. But when we run into a D stout vs the run, like the Bucs and pretty soon Saints, we will have to air it out and we need a QB capable of managing the game when the run game is going while also being able to make plays in the passing game when a game calls upon him to throw 40 times. 
    • The coaches have to call plays for a team that has a QB with the ability to read defenses and go through progressions of a potato.... What do you want them to do? Call plays they KNOW their guy can't make?
    • Wouldn't hurt his image or legacy one bit.  Who remembers, or mentio s Jerry rice flailing around with the Broncos or Seahawks and flaming out at nine hundred years old when they talk about the greatest WRs of all time?  No one....  A.V. will always be a legend, well ...as much of a legend a placekicker can be...
    • What a fun thread.  So many apologists making no sense.  I like the way @EastStreet deflected the thread right off the mark.   Evidence suggests that if we had a healthy Luck, that the team's record would be just like it was when we've always had a healthy Luck.  13 and 3, 11 and 5; contending for the division or winning it, possibly playing in the AFCCG; just like in the past.  So the question, where would we be with Luck?  The answer: Pretty much where we always were with Luck.   Of course, @Moosejawcolt your statement highlights the problem.  Its not where would we be with Luck.  That's irrelevant.     When Luck was hurt, or, not playing at all, the statements were "look how much Luck carries this roster"  as a support for a mob-ish narrative.   We now have JB, a lesser QB.  I'll say (but nobody else has the nerve)   "Look how much Luck carried this roster"   LOL.  In the past, it was said about 550 times in 2 years.  I just said it now.  I've got 549 more times to say it.   What a fun thread.
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