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Indianapolis Colts
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    • My first bold prediction for next season is Brissett will not be on the team. He got his shot this year and just like 2017 it wasn't good. Brissett has gotten 2 shots already in this league, I think Kelly deserves one now.
    • I see 2 blue chip candidates   Blue Chip seems like a much higher bar   Love isnt a blue chip   Eason isnt a blue chip
    • As I have said many times before, we have the best owner in the NFL, this team is his baby.  I think his loyalty to the his player's and coaches have cost this team some win's but that is the way he is.     I think Jim is probably one of the smartest owners in the league, when it comes to football knowledge, I also think the team, the coaches put on the field for the fan's is important to him as well.   I'm sure Jim has made some suggestions to CB and Frank, on how we play out the rest of the season.  As long as we are competitive Monday night, I figure JB will be the QB, if we are getting punished, I can see Swag going in, giving us a look at how he performs against a quality team, and giving him some national exposure.    
    • Yep. I live here too. You see, Indiana, we a little bit screwy when it comes to things like this. We generally don’t take kindly to being led on & or bait and switched. For example, the Paul George thing a couple years ago, the John Elway thing a couple decades ago and even the McDaniels thing last year.    If Luck had announced his retirement WITHOUT going thru warmups and throwing the balls in front of fans just half an hr before, then I think it’d gone over a lot smoother than it did. He, whether intentional or not, toyed with the fans in that regard. If he hadn’t gone and done that, and assuming the leak still happens the way it did, I know I’d at least given him more of a forgiving tone.  I’d still been disappointed but I wouldn’t feel toyed with. Granted my feelings and opinions are irrelevant in the grand scheme, I just know I’m not the only one that feels this way.    Will i I eventually stop talking bout it, yeah. Eventually 
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