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Reality Mock 1.0 Pre Free Agency

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This mock may look a little un-Ballard but hear me out, I believe the Colts may be a little more aggressive this off-season, It's hard not to when you've got well over $100M in cap space. I think they'll make a couple more 1 year moves rather than rolling cap over, but I am still trying to come at it with a Ballard outlook. 



Pierre Desir, CB, 1 year / $7,000,000

Desir exceeded expectations for the Colts last year. He had a great year, similar to Rashaad Melvin, I think he'd rather take a 1 year gamble with a higher APY than a long term deal with a lower base. Melvin netted 5.5 and played similarly, assuming nobody offers Desir a larger flier deal this should keep him home. If he continues his high level of player he will certainly be in line for a large payday next off-season, but I think it’s too early to give him the farm now.


Dontrelle Inman, WR, 1 year / $2,000,000

Inman came in mid season and really impressed. He looked like a very formidable option for the Colts passing offence. He is a very solid depth WR who can play in a pinch.


Jihad Ward, DT, 1 year / $2,000,000

Depth signing for the DL. Ward flashed last season for the Colts, though injuries brought an end to his season.


Tender: Chester Rogers, Matthias Farley



Landon Collins, S, 4 year / $38,000,000

Collins has had an up and down start to his career, he followed up a slightly disappointing rookie campaign with 2 extremely solid years in his 2nd and 3rd years being one of the premier safeties in the NFL. Despite this, he’s still got injury concerns and fell off a bit last year. Overall, Collins is a 25 year old, 3 time pro bowler and captain of his team. He is a guy that I could see Ballard spending big for, he’s a great locker room guy and a tremendous fit beside Hooker. Collins can play all over the field, dimebacker, deep and is great in run support. He’s a good matchup with tight ends (something that the Colts have historically struggled with). Overall, I think he fits perfectly, and if he doesn’t break the bank he very well could be a horseshoe. (The contract is based off Devin McCourty’s deal in 2015 but on 4 years to account for injury concern)


Z’Darius Smith, DL, 3 year / $24,600,000

This guy just screams Ballard signing to me. He’s a young, versatile player. He reminds me of a slightly better Denico Autry, someone who could play anything from 3-4 OLB to 4-3 DT. He can play EDGE or inside for the Colts and would be a force with Autry. It looks like the Colts best path to a formidable pass rush may be pass rush by committee as it looks like a premier pass rusher may be out of the equation at this point. With DL being something that the Colts need some help with, Smith looks like a smart signing. Getting a bunch of high motor guys in the same rotation is a recipe for success.


John Brown, WR, 1 year / $5,000,000

Similarly to the Ryan Grant deal, this is a flier for a underperforming WR. Brown would fit in to the receiving core quite well, he’s a speedster. Another weapon who could fit in well, hopefully he doesn’t follow the curse of being an underperforming #2 WR FA acquisition for the Colts.

Orlando Scandrick, CB, 1 year / $1,750,000

Scandrick is somewhat washed, but played okay at times for the Chiefs last year. This move adds depth and insurance in the case of either an injury or poor play from one of our younger corners.


Denzel Perryman, LB, 2 year / $15,000,000

Perryman is a thumping inside backer who is very stout against the run. He struggles in coverage, but at 26 he is still young. A linebacking corps of Perryman, Leonard and Walker has the potential to be set for years if Perryman can find his grove with the Colts. With injury and coverage concerns he may not get a contract big enough to represent his potential. I’d opt to give him a 2 year deal with a higher APY rather than a longer deal. (Contract based off Avery Williamsons deal)



1. Dre’Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State

Dynamic inside pass rusher who would be a great addition to the interior DL.


2. Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State

A ballard guy, someone who could be a #2 WR in due time. He’s got all the tools to be a #2 thriving in the intermediate game, something the Colts really need.


2. Jamel Dean, CB, Auburn

At 6’2 he’s a big outside corner with the potential to be a nice, big outside man to man corner.


3. Amani Hooker, LB/S/CB, Iowa

One of my favourite players in this class. A dynamic player both in run support and in zone coverage. You can throw him anywhere in the defense and he’s gonna make plays, in obvious passing situations you can play him at LB (take out Perryman) and then in running situations you can play him out wide or at safety with Collins and Hooker.


4. Jamal Davis, LB, Akron

Small school backer, he’s physical and uses his body well but has issues wrapping up and getting off blocks. He’s got the tools and if he can put them together well he can be a nice linebacker.  


Not gonna add rounds 5-7 until I've got a better idea of who my favourite sleepers are. But heres the roster outlook: 


Costonzo / Haeg 

Nelson / Andrews

Kelly / Boehem 

Glosinksi / Pohels 

Smith / Garcia 


Luck / Brisset 

Mack / Hynes / Wilkins 


Hilton / Campbell / Brown / Inman / Rogers 

Doyle / Ebron / Cox / Hewitt 


Smith / Lewis 

Jones / Hunt

Autry / Ward

Sheard / Turay


Leonard / Hooker / Franklin

Perryman / Davis

Walker  / Adams


Desir / Wilson / Moore / Dean / Hariston / Scandrick?

Hooker / Farley    

Collins / Hooker


May be a little bit rich at this point, but it's just a stab at things for now. 

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