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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Had Funchess been practing? I thought he had to practice for two weeks before being able to come back?
    • Oh you were right on that one.  I still won, but I missed out on having highest score of the week by .32 points.  Our league pays out for highest weekly scores. 
    • I think there's a danger with any position of getting enamoured with the 40 time, I'd put 3 cone over it certainly. However, as always never go by just one metric, and never put metrics over film.    For all that was written about him being a below average athlete, if you compare  him to some of the 'good' SS's in the league he matches up pretty well:   Willis 4.55s (40)/7.15s (3 Cone) Collins 4.53s (40)/7.53s (3 Cone) Chancellor 4.69s (40)/7.36s (3 Cone) Jones  4.51s (40)/7.43s (3 Cone)  Adams  4.56s (40)/6.96s (3 Cone)    etc etc... 
    • CeeDee Lamb would be the dream pick imo. Reminds me a lot of Hopkins/Thomas, good size, great route runner and hands. Means he could take on a high volume of targets in the short/intermediate range, something I think Frank Reich badly needs (that's why he was high on signing Funchess). Put him on the boundary opposite Hilton and Campbell in the slot and we have serious options. Not as high on Ruggs when we already have Hilton.   I like Mack as a lead back, but not 25 carries a game. I would prefer a legit RB2 to take some of that load off him, preferably a RB to compliments his game, so a heavier, more physical, north/south RB. This draft has options in the mid round.
    • Here's where I think Kelly 'fans' are distressed. To your point we don't know Kelly...fair.  So what do we know.  We know he can run, dude's fast.  We know he has a strong arm, like that.  We know he'll throw downfield and into tight windows, good!  We know he will stand in the pocket, check. We know he has the stuff to go into Alabama with an Ole Miss team and beat em, that no small thing. We also know he has off-field issues maybe he's grown up, don't know but we hear good things from Frank.  So to someone like me, I like what I see and like what I hear...Rally confused.   Here's what we know about Hoyer, he has none of those physical attributes but he's good in the QB room.  Ok, well, I'm good in QB room but you wouldn't want me under center.  There's an obvious hesitation here on the part of Frank and/or Chris to make Kelly a part of the permanent roster, they will likely cut him again and hope he clears waivers over Hoyer, that to me is absolutely stunning.  Either, Kelly is an off the field nightmare we shouldn't be investing in OR he should be at worst QB2. Hoyer is simply not good, we can get his level of performance literally anywhere, he's the prototypical failed backup and those are readily available on the cheap. I wouldn't understand keeping him over a contract when he weakens the team relative to someone like Kelly on game day.  So to a previous posters comment, why is Kelly here?  If he is such an integrity issue it's not our job to make a man out of him while he occupies a spot.  If he's is good enough physically, which he is, and he's on this roster, which he is, he should stay up and get some first team reps, as all back ups should and see how matures.  It starting to feel like some ego at play here.  All in all, our leadership was ill-prepared to deal with Brissett going down and choked this week in prep.  It's my hope we dump Hoyer who is useless and keep Kelly at QB2, I don't think that will happen.  My 2+ cents.
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