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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I think you take each game differently.   at Saints Game I think everything is status quo. If and only if the game gets out of hand, you go to Kelly and see how he reacts. Nobody will blame JB or CK for losing to the Saints on the road. And pulling JB if it gets out of hand doesn't necessarily say JB isn't the guy. Also, don't play any hobbled players unless they are close to 100%. It's just silly to risk additional injury in this type of game.   Home vs Panthers Game It's the last home game and our most likely win, so laying a turd will be awful for season ticket holders and 2020 sales. If JB is not effective, AND you've made the decision to draft a QB, go to CK in the 2nd half because it doesn't matter at this point. Losing this game to a bad 5-8 team without their starting QB would be a very bad look, and an even worse look if JB is the guy at the helm all game. If we have the lead or it's close, stick with JB, but if not make the change. Play hobbled players as long as they're close to being 100% so that game goers don't feel slighted. I could see the boo birds and Chad Kelly fan club be loud in this game if things don't right.   at Jacksonville This is a big ?? game. At this point it's not about feelings. It's about draft position and evaluation.  If you've made the decision to move off JB, you need to think of draft position, and honestly most serious fans will likely be thinking the same. And if you're going to draft or go in a different direction, it really doesn't matter how this looks in terms of JB. A loss vs a win could make a 4-6 swing in draft position, and a W for wins sake isn't really worth losing that much position. It's not a home game, so absolutely rest anyone that's not 100% healthy. Wrap TY in bubble wrap and put him on ice. Don't outright sit healthy starters, but get back ups in the mix and especially ones that are rooks or ones you're trying to evaluate. Limit snaps of your franchise guys like Nelson, Leonard, Houston, etc.. Guys like Speed, Johnson, Dulin, Haeg, Kelly, Tell, etc all should get a nice % of snaps. 
    • Agreed.   Ebron shut it down, apparently to clean up his ankles. Probably thinking it'll help him get a contract for next year.    None of us know what amount of pain either goes thru, or went thru.   Luck didnt quit- he realized his career was headed where he no longer wanted to go, and RETIRED.  I'm 65; believe me- that's a subject I ponder daily....
    • No one will sign here to lay with JB without a tremendous overpay.  He makes everyone look worse and appear worth less.
    • This would be the best option for them.  If they were patient enough to sit through one more year of being bad they could trade back and push their 1st round picks into next year, rebuild most of their team with young players and grab Lawrence or Fields next year.They would be stacked and ready to take over that division when Brady is gone. 
    • I know a lot has already been said about JB’s woes in the 4th quarter  I was wondering what most of you guys thought this stems from?  Is it play calling or just JB getting rattled?    I may be wrong but I think it’s a JB problem. If anyone remembers the year luck missed half the year, I believe we led the league in leads going into the 4th quarter. I used to put the blame squarely on Pagano and his predictable play calling, but now I’m not so sure.  I think some of it’s was pags,  but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both coaches are having trouble with the 4th quarter and the main common denominator is JB.    If it is JB, what is his problem and is it fixable?  Are teams blitzing more later In the game when the tension is at its highest?   
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