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    • Today’s NFL is about stopping the pass and less about stopping the run.  So with the 26th pick, what is OUR best value pick in today’s NFL per this Colts Team?   DL - No thanks, 1st rd is a 3 down diff maker not a run stuffer.   Safety - No thanks, a SS in today’s game is a 3-5 rd pick mainly due to their lack of athleticism in pass coverage and a change in today’s game (See above).   CB - No thanks, the Colts play a zone scheme and no reason for 1st rd talent here.  Julian Love could be an All Pro in this system in the 2nd rd.   Edge - No Value this late in 1st rd.   RB - Were not a rb away from hoisting the Lombardi, pass on any Alabama rb.  (See history)   LB/OL/QB - Later rds better value.   This leaves one position that CB and Staff has failed to realize, WR!  How many 3-outs does it take?  Minus TY, Colts have a bunch of Misfits at the position and a bunch of fan hopefuls.  Marvin/Reggie and TY/insert name here?  Funchess is a Ebron clone, Cane is coming back from ACL (Takes 2 yrs), and nobody’s!   The BEST value for this Colts team at 26 is a game changer WR to go along with TY.  These for sure Game Changer WR’s don’t normally fall to 26 so take full advantage.  Go watch the Chiefs game and ask yourself if we had another playmaker outside TY on the other side?
    • This ^^^^   If Ballard is going to make a high-impact move with our #26 pick to acquire an EDGE guy.... then let it be for Brian Burns in the 10-15 range if he's there and we can work something out.   But between his DV history, Seattle's 1st round demand and the contract he will want..... I'd avoid Frank Clark like the plague.  
    • It scares me seeing all those DT's ranked so high. I am really hoping for that position at either 26 or 34.  That was the missing piece during the Manning years. I don't want to go through that again.
    • I'm sure you're right....   that they use the same grading system.   But I wonder if they should be?   Let me see if I can elaborate....   On the NFL level...    it's the best vs. the best.   Grown man vs. grown man.    Every game carries equal weight.    I believe the scores a player gets vs Arizona are just as important as the grades they get vs. New England.    That's my understanding.   On the college level,  I believe it's the same.   The grades a Stanford player gets in a game vs. Notre Dame counts just the same as a game vs an opponent that might go 1-11.   All the same.   But should it be?    On the college level,  teams have a handful of top level games....  but they also play a number of cup cakes.   And the competition level is highly inferior.   So a good player on the college level can pad grades,  get great grades vs a highly inferior opponent.   I suspect that happens a lot.   Does PFF make any allowances for the difference in the quality of opponents?   If Player A plays in the SEC and Player B plays in a very weak conference (you choose) and they have the same grade at the end of the year --- should they?    Do they adjust for the difficulty of schedule?     I often wonder.     When I see players from smaller schools have high grades, I confess to wondering if that's an appropriate grade?   A lot of  what I've written is just Thinking Out Loud...    Perhaps someone will chime in with new information?     But they've got so many question marks for me on this list,  and do every year they'v made a college list,  that I'm left to scratch my head....          p.s. -- I think you alluded to an important point.     Grading a college player on PRODUCTION vs PROJECTION.      What you HAVE done vs. what you MIGHT do.     That's a very difficult aspect and I suspect is often the difference between a good choice and a bust....  
    • Ask yourself if Funchess had a market before CB & Staff came calling?  Labeled a bust due to an incompetent QB and/or system, value is in the toilet!  Said player is set to be eaten alive and has no leg to stand on.
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