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Significance of #32

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I was just thinking about the #32 ranking the Colts received prior to the 2018 season.  In one post-game locker room video, Coach Reich held up a sign that read "#32" and used that as motivation and confirmation of how hard this team worked to make the playoffs.


So, with that number in mind, I sure would LOVE for us to have the #32 pick in the 2020 NFL draft as the result of our win in Super Bowl LIV!!!!

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I think us being ranked 32nd was about the silliest thing I may have ever seen. Reason being, we weren't even the worse team in 2017 as bad as we were and Luck was back. It's not even hindsight, I said it before the season started and us 9-7 before the season. In a strange way maybe it motivated us though lmao 

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