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Ive got a few moves I think can happen


-Bell signs with the Chiefs

-Bengals trade Dalton and draft Kyler Murray

-Flacco signs with the Dolphins

-Tannerhill gets cut and signs with the jags after Bortles gets cut

-AB is traded to the 49ers for their first round pick

-Clowney hits FA



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7 minutes ago, twfish said:

There is two I dont see. Bell to the chiefs and Bengals with murray


New coaches usually want their own guy. Dalton isnt exactly irreplaceable

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Tannehill getting cut is happening but I dont think he lands with the Jags. Jags will get Foles.


No way SF trades the #2 overall pick for AB, maybe their secomd rounder.


Dalton getting cut is possible but I doubt Kyler plays in Cincy, he holds the cards to where he wants to play with the baseball backup plan.

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1 hour ago, ThorstenDenmark said:

Bell, Lawrence and Landon Collins sign with Indianapolis Colts ;)


New England cut Tom Brady and trade for Jimmy G ;)


Green Bay sign Clowney 


Raiders trade for Mahomes ;)


Now that would be a wild free agency ;)



Bell, Lawrence and Collins.  That trifecta starts Irsays three SB's in a row!

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34 minutes ago, boo2202 said:

Hunt to browns just happend. Nice prediction 


I think SDC8 was being "clever" when he posted that. Hunt's signing  with Cleveland was announced quite a bit ahead of that post. The time is eastern so about 3 1/2 hours ago...


Browns signed RB Kareem Hunt, formerly of the Chiefs, to a one-year contract.

Hunt was always going to get a second chance, but it is stunning that the Browns have taken the plunge before his suspension was even announced. He will remain on the commissioner's exempt list until official punishment is handed down. Browns GM John Dorsey is one of the people responsible for drafting Hunt in Kansas City, so it is not surprising he is the one to make the move. It is surprising in that rookie second-rounder Nick Chubb was one of the best backs in the league last season, while the Browns made a big financial commitment to pass-catching back Duke Johnson last summer. Hunt will spend a good chunk of 2019 on the reserve/suspended list before heading to restricted free agency in the 2020 offseason.

Feb 11 - 1:59 PM


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