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I wanted to thank all of you. First I’m posting this early. We need to come together this next season. No thread is a stupid thread. You vent your frustrations, but be understanding. I love you all and hope we start our dynasty in 2019!!!

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I love this forum. It's my favourite spot to talk Colts, and with this and social media, I feel way more connected to the team as a non Indy native. ngl I disagree with a LOT of you, but that's part of the fun haha. As long as it's respectful, which it mostly is, then it's all good. I've become a smarter football fan from it too.


We're all one Colts fam after all, and I can't wait till we win a SB again :thmup:

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Yah I agree. I see some pretty rude things being said on here and sometimes it’s like people are willing to cut your throat verbally with a drop of a dime. Usually it’s tigertown on here asking for people to be nice and civil and I will admit I used to sort of roll my eyes at him but he was right. People on here can be really negative to one another and we are all colts fans!  If you wanna be mean hit up the pats fans and let them have it lol.  So yah let’s all keep united and if someone asks a “stupid question” or creates a thread just to say “ I love luck” just go on about your day and ignore it if you don’t like it. 




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    • I think he will be fine and actually gain over 1000 yards this season. Kind of early to be critical of him (3 games in his career), JMO. He has already had 1 100 yard game. He isn't Trent. I think after having Trent, some are just paranoid. 
    • I know the forum loves him but I dont think he is the right back to lead our back field . Mack was a perfect fit with his patience and vision . 
    • Just some addition observations after looking at some of the advanced stats and snap counts since Sunday.   Observations/Comments AQM - What's going on here. Totally expected him be a run specialist. He's getting more snaps than Houston, and killing it in QB pressures.  Autry - Doing well again vs the Jets. Quietly making the best of increased snaps at DE. Hines - A lot of folks suggested he was bad at YAC last year. Did pretty well vs the Jets with PR tossing it to him. Mo - Truly hope he stays in the offensive game plan. Separation, YAC, blocking, he seems to be doing well at all of it. Oke - I wasn't shocked to see Oke's snap counts surpass Walker's, but Oke is struggling. I think I'm ready to return to Walker as the primary MIKE. Safety - I'd love to see more Wilson. I don't care which position, but he absolutely is ballin'.  Moore - that's a bad QB rating vs Darnold... It's gotta be just a bad day/week. I hope at least. OL - Nice to see some of the depth get some time   QB Pressure AQM - led the team in pressures (3 hurries, 2 KDs) Autry - second in pressures (1 hurry, 1 KD) Note - Buck, Moore, Carrie, Walker, Banogu, Stewart, and Houston all had 1 pressure.   Pass D concerns (completions, QB rating when targeted) Moore - gave up 4 completions on 4 targets, and 158.3. Ouch Okereke - gave up 5 completions on 6 targets, 100.7   Passes Defended 2 - Rhodes 1 - Wilson, Carrie, Leonard   Missed Tackles 2 - Stewart 1 - Blackmon, Leonard, Carrie, Banogu, Autry   YAC, and YAC/Reception Hines - 39 yards, 9.8avg MAC - 29, 9.7 Pittman - 25, 8.3 Hilton - 15, 5.0   Snap Count Notes Offense 1. Nelson, AC, and Kelly got a little break late in the game finaly, and Pinter, Clark, and Green getting some time. 2. MAC 60%, Doyle 53% 3. Pascal 93%, Pittman 53%, Hilton 52%, Fountain 32%, Dulin 22% 4. Taylor 40%, Hines 33%, Wilkins 28% Defense 1. Leonard 89%, Oke 81%, Walker 44%, Franklin 8% 2. Willis 89%, Blackmon 64%, Wilson 36%, Odum 11% 3. Carrie 84%, Moore 83%, Rhodes 83%, Rodgers 17%, Smith 11% 4. Buckner 73%, Autry 67%, AQM 61%, Houston 50%, Stewart 50%, Banogu 38%, Lewis 31%, Stallworth 30%  
    • If you had to name one key to winning this week, what would it be? I know that is tough to answer but IMO not turning the football over is mine. I think if we win the TO battle, we win the game.
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