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Marvin Harrison's Hall of Fame speech


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This is kind of old, but I was recently watching Harrison's Hall of Fame speech, and found his mention of Manning (8:52 mark) a bit surprising; he barely said anything about Manning. I just figured he would have a little more to say. He had a more ttonsay about just about everyone else that he  mentiones. He played like 85 percent of his career with Manning and he was a large part of his success.


Anyone else find his tepid thanks to Manning interesting, or peculiar? Also, I wonder what other Wide Receiver he was referring to when thanking ReggieWayne. (9:59 mark)





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4 minutes ago, IinD said:

Marvin is one of those Ricky Williams types. He's a different cat.


I noticed his son Marvin Jr recently was mentioned as going to Ohio State. Keep your eye on him Chris :goodluck:..

Would be amazing if he ever became a Colt

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31 minutes ago, Tsarquise said:

I just didn't feel any true gratitude from Marvin when mentioning Peyton. Certainly felt gratitude from him when mentioning everyone else. 


Honestly, I thought he was similar with Peyton when dealing with all his other teammates.  He was brief about all of them.  He brought up Peyton first and said about as much about him as he did about Edge, Reggie, etc.


I think that's just the way Marv is, pretty quiet and reserved.  


If there was actually something to it, which there may have been, I wouldn't be shocked if it stemmed from Marvin's alleged involvements with a couple of shootings near his night club/car wash in Philly.  Peyton was interviewed about it and I remember he didn't really shine positive light on Marvin (I don't think he said much, just something like Marvin lives a different life away from the football facilities).  Could be Marv was disappointed Peyton spoke about it at all or that he didn't like what he said to the media.. but in all honesty, I think it was just Marvin being Marvin and not talking too much on a public platform.

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18 hours ago, TheMarine said:

I would have DIED if his speech had started "Im just here so I dont get fined"

And after that, he says, "By the way, has anyone seen a gun laying around here? I think it's an FN 5.7-caliber semi-automatic. It's not mine, but if you see it, let me know."

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