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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Nothing wrong with not being sold on these guys. That’s the idea. It’s projection. But you have to at least be sold on the idea that based on their traits and the fit with our scheme, that these are two guys who would fit here.    Plus if you’re not sold on these two guys who both have unbelievable traits, you won’t be sold on anyone. Like I said, next year the top two QBs may not come out and their both likely to be top 5 locks. Newman is still an unknown. And even looking beyond that, is anyone excited about the idea of Kyle Trask, Bo Nix, or Kellen Mond?   This is basically the best time for the Colts to draft a QB. 
    • I’m not typically a fan of CBS Sports prospect rankings.   I scrolled down and didn’t see anything too terrible until after pick 50.      Saw a bunch of names that I think should be much higher.    Glad to see my man Chad72 using my Mantra...   32 different teams...   32 different boards.   
    • I want the QB. A few reasons why.   1) Yes, the QB could bust. So could any other player at any other position. No one is bust proof. And eventually you have to draft a guy that you can build around; at least, that's my preference, as opposed to trying to build around a mid tier guy like Carr or Mariota, or making a run at someone like Stafford or Rivers.   2) QB play directly affects your ability to win games, to a far greater degree than any other single position. You mentioned Hopkins, and while he was great and productive even with below average journeyman QBs, the Texans didn't win games consistently without good QB play. Matt Schaub wasn't great, but he had some good production and decent efficiency for them. Also, Schaub only played with Hopkins for eight games in 2013, and they went 2-6. The Keenum took over and they went 0-8. Andre Johnson was also still there, and still highly productive, yet they didn't win games. You need at least reasonably good QB play to win games consistently.   3) Brady and Luck's ability to make JAGs look good is overstated. Those QBs showed an ability to remain productive despite having underwhelming second and third receivers, but that's because they relied heavily on pretty good/great #1 options, and had good TE play. When Luck had 40 TDs in 2014, it was TY, Fleener and Allen combining for 23 TD catches; in 2018, it was TY and Ebron. For Brady, it's been Edelman and Gronk. It's not great QB + scrubs equals productive passing game. It's great QB + 1-2 really good receiving options.   So comparatively, while a rookie isn't going to necessarily elevate the play of everyone around him right away, no matter who the QB is, you need more offensive weapons. Or at least, better/more consistent play out of the weapons you have.   4) You can take Herbert or Love in the first, and sign a good veteran WR, draft a TE, (or some other combo/configuration) and continue to develop the guys we have. And you still have TY, Doyle, a really good OL, and a pretty good stable/rotation of backs. Not a bunch of JAGs, especially if healthy, but yes, in need of some improvement from 2019.    5) Bonus -- Not to make this about JB, but I think the entire offense suffered from inadequate QB play at times last season. Goes back to #2.   But for me, the biggest question mark is the QB. I don't believe JB can be the guy, we need someone better, and I'd prefer to find the guy this franchise can build around for the next decade-plus.
    • I didn't see this on here, but I have been looking around and might've missed it.  Stephen Holder refutes this report.   https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2020/02/28/nfl-colts-tom-brady-meeting-representation/
    • For those interested, here is Anthony Gordon. 
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