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Rams (+2 1/2) vs. New England (2-3-19)


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1 minute ago, Jdubu said:

I feel bad for the rams defense. They’ve had to play hard while the offense has sucked. Wonder what the rams back up QB looks like? 

I was thinking about  that,,

Its Sean Mannion and I dont think he's ever started a game

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You just knew the way this game was going that never would have a drive like that. I just hate watching Belichick dismantle other teams. It's ridiculous that they won the best offenses in the league is sitting on 3 right now. The only hope if this offense turns on

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1 minute ago, oldunclemark said:

Obvious pass interference..not called..


I guess you can hold the receiver's arm

I’m getting so sick of this league. The officiating is so inconsistent from week to week. 


Will it be a flag at this week? Dunno, depends on how the refs feel today.

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