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Rams (+2 1/2) vs. New England (2-3-19)


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1 minute ago, bluebombers87 said:

Talk about how you’re protecting players and you allow that?

That call has been made all year...If the QB is running out of bounds..of course you cant drill him..

....Its OK if that is a running back..but you cant hit the QB like that.

The refs just ate their whistles

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    • So you're nitpicking about receptions? Or off the field issues? Ray Lewis was accused of double murder and he's a first ballot hofer. 
    • I'm a little bullish on the Browns.  I picked them to win the division.  Sunday's game proved they aren't there yet.
    • Did anybody expect anything different?
    • Didn't you say in your previous post that stats don't mean anything?   QB is a different position than WR, obviously.  And if you read my post, I'm saying I think Rivers has the credentials to be first-ballot but he'll have a lot of competition with guys who will be retiring at or near the same time as him and who will likely be on the ballot at the same time.  This all comes into play with the selection committee.   And then let's get to the facts... Rivers is going to be top 5 in passing yards and most likely passing TDs when he retires.  Right now he is one of only 6 QBs ever to throw over 60,000 yards and 400 + TDs.   Randy Moss was a first ballot HOFer, so you're wrong there.   Randy Moss is 15th all time in receptions, he never made it to the 1,000 reception milestone.  So you're wrong that he was 'top 3 in every WR category'.  Terrell Owens is 8th all time in receptions (and wasn't in the top 5 when he retired).  Cris Carter's numbers are no where near Jerry Rice's and weren't even in 2002 when he retired (Rice retired in 2004).  I'll give you some credit, Carter at the time he retired was only the 2nd WR to have over 1,100 receptions.    Also, every one of those players you mentioned had off-field issues.  While they are not supposed to influence the selection committee, the selection committee is made up of humans and undoubtedly they do.  In the case of Moss and Owens, they were seen by many as poor teammates for a good chunk of their careers as well.   In Marv's case, Andre Reed got into the HOF in 2014 and Tim Brown in 2015.  Both WRs who had been eligible for a while.  I basically made the same argument about Rivers - Eli will be at least one class ahead of him, so I could see voters giving Eli the nod over Rivers.     
    • I am not too surprised.  I expect Tannehill to have more success in this one than Henry quite frankly.  I think that's exactly how the Steelers will play it.  They'll lean on their strength on run defense and force Tannehill to beat them.  The Steelers haven't looked like world-beaters in the passing game, but Tennessee's defense has been VERY suspect so I don't foresee them having too much trouble moving the ball.  They will need to keep things balanced between run and pass and TD's over FG's will be the key here IMHO.  Nobody knows how much losing Devin Bush and Taylor Lewan will affect those teams respectively, but I'd guess it doesn't help either of them.  If I had to pick, I'd say losing Lewan will make more of an impact in this game, therefore I'd favor the Steelers by about 2-3 points.   NOTE: My first attempt to post this I got an error, so if this ends up as a duplicate I apologize.
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