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Indianapolis Colts
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    • To add to this, the 3 best Heavy WT's I have ever seen live and on film are: 1. Mike Tyson (Prime - 5'10 220) - Total package. Speed and power in both hands.   2. Muhammad Ali (Prime - 6'3 220) - Best footwork of all-time and was fast with both hands, good power, and very smart at wearing opponents down.   3. George Foreman (Prime - 6'4 230) - He was Mike Tyson before Mike but didn't have the speed in both hands Mike had. His power was like Mike's though.   Honorable Mention would be Joe Frazier (Prime - 6'0 210). Frazier gave Ali fits. Frazier was just an all around great fighter. He had speed in both hands and for a little guy pretty good power.
    • IMO Mike Tyson is the GOAT. From 1985 up until Buster Douglas beat him in 1990 he was a machine. He was 37-0 with 33 KO's until Douglas beat him. He was knocking guys out that were like 6'3 - 6'5 230 pounds like it was nothing. He had tremendous speed and power in both hands and was always in shape for every fight until the Douglas fight. In reality you can only look at those 5 years and judge him, so he finished 37-1 with 33 KO's. You can't count anything after he went to prison because he clearly wasn't the same fighter, was pudgy at times, and wasn't near as fast. When he went to prison it ruined his career. When Douglas beat him in Japan, Tyson admitted he didn't even train for the fight and wasn't in true fighting shape and took Douglas for granted. He actually knocked Douglas down in the 8th round of that fight and Douglas got a 13 count, the Ref gave Douglas a huge break. Douglas went on to KO Tyson in the 10th. Douglas also was fighting on pure emotion as his mom just passed away and he trained his butt off for that fight.   People can say Ali is the GOAT all they want but I would take the version of 1988 Mike Tyson all day over anyone. The one that knocked out Michael Spinks in 1 round. That same Michael Spinks beat Larry Holmes twice when Larry was still in his prime.
    • QB is clearly a position where hand size can and often does matter.   Make all the size jokes you want,  but all 32 teams have size requirements for every position.   Including quarterback.  Now, coming up short on hand size alone isn't disqualifying.    But it IS a red flag to teams.   They will now go back and re-watch tape on guys like Burrow and Fromm.    Every fumble.   Every fluttering duck of a pass.   Every game in bad weather.   Consider Burrow....   if he goes to Cincy,  that means every year he's playing in Cleveland, Pittsuburgh and Baltimore.    Cincinnati might have the best weather in that division.    Bad weather equals more concern about a QB with small hands.   Here's a good ESPN article about the issue of hand size for QB's....   some good info in here for you to consider...   https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28772745/source-joe-burrow-measured-9-inch-hands-nfl-combine
    • Ravens select DT Justin Madubuike - Texas A&M   Titans are up
    • I actually took the time to post the last 5 years of 1st rounds...  I've also posted several mainstream big boards and mocks showing what I described.  So accusing me of being "blanket" is pretty funny. I'm one of the more detailed posters on this board. Pallo has posted nothing. If it would make you happy, I'll post all the mocks from CBS, ESPN, Fox, NFL.com, DN, Walter, etc. showing 4 and 5 QBs taken. Just say the word. Oh wait, I already did that exact thing a month or so back if you care to look... lol   5 QBs were taken in 99 by the way if you go back just one more year.   As far making a statement that anything over 3 is a reach, that's purely your opinion. Every team has their own big board. There are QBs every year that were thought to be reaches that do well, and no brainers that end up busting. Lots of people are wrong, and lots are right.
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