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Indianapolis Colts
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    • There has to be a middle ground between 2 generational types of talents and settling for mediocre starters on franchise QB type salaries. I actually think the people that say "you just want Luck or Peyton" are the least likely to want to draft a QB that is not a Luck or Peyton. I actually acknowledge that it's incredibly hard to get your hands on a generational type talent at the QB position and I do NOT expect us to get one. This is precisely the reason I'm willing for us to go for one of those imperfect but talented QBs in the draft. I know there is a risk with them, I know they won't be ready quickly, but I also am willing to bet on their talent and our coaching staff's ability to coach them up. In other words - I don't want a Peyton/Luck/Lawrence, etc... I want us to take a talented QB who might be raw or have some weaknesses and develop him into a winning franchise QB(Watson, Mahomes, Lamar, Josh Allen?, etc). 
    • I’d extend that to say you don’t trade up for any position without having a long term franchise QB in place.
    • One very important stat that no one is mentioning is Carr's ability to win.  Only once in six seasons has he had a winning record, in 2016.  Overall, his career record is 39-55, which is a generous enough sample size to show that he is less than average when it comes to the bottomline.     Sure when comparing him to JB he looks great but it is only an illusion to the fact that he is sub par.
    • Yeah you are the man I have to admit having season club seat tickets every year for years. You have really forked out a lot of money. When Peyton got drafted in 1998, I just basically went to 2 or 3 games a year with 3 friends of mine a year. We would pick 2 or 3 games a year to go to and get 4 tickets. Eat at St Elmo and make it a Sunday. We did that actually up until 2013 into the Luck era but my friends and I parted ways, one got married and one moved to Florida and I haven't been to a game since the 2013 season. Last game I went to, we smoked the Texans 25-3 in 2013. We won the division that season. I have been to around 50 games, sounds like you have been to over 100 . Downtown can be a pain in the butt to drive around in so I don't blame you if you don't renew tickets. I enjoy staying at home watching the Colts and all the games in my recliner now days. I have my 6 pack, Pizza, and no crowds to deal with.    What was the best game you ever attended? I was at the 2009 Patriots game, Sunday night when we won 35-34. That was my favorite. I partied my butt off that night, man that was a fun night!
    • Scout the player not the helmet.
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