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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Rivers will likely cost you as much or more than Carr (salary wise). And even if you gave up the 13th, you could still trade back into the 1st (to get Love), or Love might even be available at 34. And Love is likely the best you're getting at 13. Very small chance on Herbert. I'd prefer a rook too, but a Carr/Kelly QB room would be more than fine with me.
    • I like him better than every other 2nd round DT in the draft(i.e. might be 1st round talent). He is very likely going to be my DT3 in this draft and he's especially good fit for our system.   That's not exactly true though.... they take into account their grading, but they don't follow it blindly. It depends against what type of competition the player got that grade, it depends what kind of athletic potential the guy has, it depends what position the player plays, etc. For example, last year DK Metcalf graded very mediocre in their grading(mid 70s), but was one of their highest ranked WRs(I can't remember right now, but he might have been no. 1?). 
    • Not me.  I would rather have Carr over Rivers and a QB prospect any day.  Of course I would rather do the trade without a 1st but if we had too so be it. The most important position secured.  We all have different opinions.  
    • We’re going to get Derek Carr WITHOUT giving up pick 13 or pick 34 or pick 44?    Seriously?   What are we supposed to offer?
    • It's not really reality, so I'll suggest an alternate reality that's more palatable. Let's say AC comes back, QB (Carr or Rivers) and iDL are both addressed in FA. Would I then draft an early DE?   Maybe. I'd take the best of whatever OT, DB, and DE is available.  No thank you to Epenesa.    We have far bigger needs THIS YEAR, but next year DE will be critical. You have to let Turay (not sure he'll ever be a 3 down DE) and Banogu (I think they may have reached too much here) play out at least another year before making a major move on DE IMO. I also think Houston will be back (in 2021) unless he totally drops off the planet this year. It's a contract year and I think he'll actually do better, especially if we get a solid upgrade at 3T. I laugh every time someone says we'll never draft by need. Need plays into a team's big board in a big way. If BPA is an OC, OG, or OLB/WILL in the first round, we're not taking the BPA. It's better to say we won't reach for need. But we do draft by need so long as it's not a huge delta.
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