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Chiefs fire DC Bob Sutton

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It was inevitable, at least he gave Andrew Luck the 10-38 comeback, and Brady his trip to the 9th SB before he left. :) 




I think Kris Richard would be a fantastic signing for them if they did. But if Andy Reid wants an experienced face, Marvin Lewis should be at the top of the list, more so than Rex Ryan, IMO. 

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Everybody is going to make this about the AFCCG, but the Chiefs have struggled on defense, especially situationally, a lot over the years. 

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If they did not do this, Mahomes was heading down the "lack of defensive support" road like Peyton in his early days. 


Record when team scores at least 40 points:


Tom Brady 40-0
Peyton Manning 32-0
Steve Young 19-0
Jim Kelly 15-0
Philip Rivers 15-0
Joe Montana 14-0
Brett Favre 14-0
Roger Staubach 11-0
John Elway 9-0
Drew Brees 37-1
Aaron Rodgers 17-1



Patrick Mahomes 2-2


Patrick Mahomes' first 5 losses: 18 TD, 5 INT, 8.78 YPA, 112.6 PR

Tom Brady's first 15 losses: 18 TD, 29 INT, 5.62 YPA, 62.2 PR


Most losses in a season with 100+ passer rating (min. 20 attempts, includes playoffs)


1. 2008 Philip Rivers - 6

2. 1996 Vinny Testaverde - 5

2. 2018 Patrick Mahomes - 5


Mahomes is the only player with 5 such games on 30+ attempts.


During the regular season, the Patriots converted 37% of their 3rd downs on the road, exceeding 50% only once in 8 games (in Miami). Against the Chiefs, NE converted on 3rd down 68% of the time.


They definitely had a Bob Sutton problem, hands down!!!

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