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4 hours ago, Mr_486lo said:

Why is it that no one is talking about Austin Bryant from Clemson? He's a big time baller. 6'5 280lbs. An absolute terror on the end..



 He is big. 

The 1st profile i read said, Senior, and listed like 7 traits. He was not developed in any of them. Rushes well when split wide is his thing.
His highlight tape is good.

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5 hours ago, coltsblue1844 said:

I like several of their guys up front...Dexter Lawrence is a huge athletic NT that I'd love to have...Christian Wilkins would be a nice DT, also!

I think Lawrence will be there in the first. Draft Byron Murphy and Austin Bryant in the second and look out!

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1 minute ago, coltsnation said:

Would be a good pickup day 2 and a steal day 3.  But for now he is overshadowed by Ferrell, Wilkins and Lawrence.  I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being a better pro than Ferrell who is getting top 10 hype.  Voch Lombardi had some pretty good things to say about Bryant in his film session. 




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