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I dropped off the forum for a while because I was home for the holidays doing holiday things in the land of no Internet of rural Indiana.  I don't normally start new threads, but I feel that I need to eat some crow and I don't feel like combing through two months of threads to see if this has already been discussed.  I don't know if I ever overtly stated it on this forum, but I pretty much gave up on this team after the OT loss to the Texans.  I figured the only way they were going to make the playoffs was to win an extremely weak AFC South, and even that would just be a token win.  I didn't see them actually doing anything in the playoffs if they made it.  Once they lost to Houston, I figured that canned just about any reasonable chance they had of winning the division.  Man, how wrong did I end up being?  And not just about the Colts, about everything.  Rather than once again being the embarrassment of the AFC, the AFC South actually sent two teams to the playoffs......two teams that had a combined 1 win between them when they first met in the regular season.  So I wanted to poke my head in here and eat a well deserved serving of Hoosier crow before today's game.  I actually believe that they have a chance today against KC, and that would have sounded crazy to me back in October.

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