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Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

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4 minutes ago, Malakai432 said:

Colts had ALL the opportunities to play in this game.  Big time failure by the coaching staff, Luck and Vinny.  That being said the Colts have a lot to look forward next year.  Ballard needs to bring in some talent with that cap, and nail the draft again and they should be pretty tough. 

Best post of the day.


Agree with all.

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Not interested in all the hate.   I'm Disappointed, but still proud of this team.   Early on predicted to be #32. To end up top 8 was impressive, and you gave us all a lot of fun this season

Greetings, our Blue Horseshoe is 1-0 in the postseason, and are back for another NFL Postseason Game Day and afternoon  Colts fans!   Our  AFC #6 Playoff  Seed, and 11-6 Indianapolis Colts again lead

Uh oh...here come the fair weather fans back again. Back into this one.  Let's get it going, boys!!

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Final thoughts.


A young team that finally showed they are rookies. Even the oline. Showed we played a lot of pretenders in this stretch.


Coaches have to game plan better.

Being down two safeties killed us.

We must fill the holes this off season with the draft and free agents.

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Cris Collinsworth has become a bit of a shill for the NFL.  Yeah I know the Colts didn't play well in this game- but the holding penalty where the guy slipped and fell and that running into the kicker along with at least 3 PI I remember are really unacceptable to miss during a division playoff game.  You can't miss those calls, it doesn't do the players justice.  When he tried to defend the holding penalty it proved to me he has no objectivity.

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You don’t win a bad weather game against a high powered offense by throwing it all over the field...  You grind it out by running it.  Go back and check those 2 times we lost to the Pats in the snow.  Ebron threw us off schedule when he dropped that first first down.  We could never establish our ground game afterwards.  That’s where we needed a sure handed Doyle.  Oh well. We’ll be back stronger for it.  The team & Frank.

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