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Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread


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Just now, csmopar said:

How many seasons under Manning did our hearts get broken? All but 1...

Colts have had some of the best players in the game over the last 2 decades and a .500 playoff record to show for it.  They have underachieved no question.  

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9 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

Just stop.

Sorry... Just worried about Andrew’s health... He’s getting attacked from all angles tonight. My post has nothing to do with his performance tonight, more with the line’s.



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Not interested in all the hate.


I'm Disappointed, but still proud of this team.   Early on predicted to be #32. To end up top 8 was impressive, and you gave us all a lot of fun this season.


I'm looking forward to next season.


 Mahomes proved why he is the MVP.

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Colts had ALL the opportunities to play in this game.  Big time failure by the coaching staff, Luck and Vinny.  That being said the Colts have a lot to look forward next year.  Ballard needs to bring in some talent with that cap, and nail the draft again and they should be pretty tough. 

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    • Pittman was an early second, almost 1st, as was Rock. So in reality, some decent draft capital on both WR and CB. As far as WRs go, a dominant X with speed is harder to find than a speed guy. There's a reason why Pittman and Claypool were in demand. You can get the take-the-top-off guys later. The guys that go 1st are typically the guys that are just plain good in all phases.  I wouldn't go that far saying it's built for non-stud pass catchers. Drafting guys like Pittman, Campbell, and signing Funch and Ebron don't jive with that line of thought.  Last year, having TY, Campbell, Funch, Ebron, Doyle, and Hines would be considered fantastic by most QBs had all stayed healthy. We just had some very bad luck, and also had a QB that was simply not that good. I think you're really forgetting about what Ballard "intended to have", and stuck on what happened because of injury and having a good QB retire. Autry is balling out, so don't forget about him. He's playing much better now that he's back at DE, which shouldn't surprise most. The O has to account for Buckner and both Autry and Houston. Mohammad played very well last game to, and did much better than just the run stuffer label most gave him. Not sure if that continues, but he's a decent depth guy. I've very happy though with our starting 4.  Burton is more slot than TE IMO. We don't run a lot of 2 TE sets anyway, so not a big deal. I'm good rolling with Doyle and MAC. Just need Doyle to get healthy. I'm most interested in who, besides Pascal, emerges at slot. Pascal is a "big-slot", and I want to see someone like Dulin or Hines emerge as the "traditional-slot". Don't be too surprised to see Hines line up in slot this week.    I wish we would have taken a flyer on Prince Tega Wanogho. Can't believe he dropped like he did after many were predicting early 2nd. Raw but full of potential. If he comes off the Eagles PS in a year or so and balls out I'll be highly irritated lol.    I see either LT or DE as our #1. AC has looked all that great thus far (65ish PFF), but I'm not sure we pull the trigger next year with another year on his contract. I think it'll be DE if we don't resign Houston. If we do resign him, it's a coin flip I'd guess.
    • Manning was healthy at the end of the season but was benched for Osweiller. I believer Manning was reinserted in the last game of the season at half time and then played the entire playoffs.   That being said, Brees does not look anywhere near as bad as Manning but he has lost a lot of speed off his throws and cannot push the ball down the field. A lot depends on how much Payton wants to play small ball or insert Hill more and try to get more chunk plays.
    • I think "pulled" was a too strong of a word. I meant more snaps for Hill. That is what Payton and Brees said before the season. Both talked about Brees splitting more time with Hill like 30 snaps or so. I would like to see that happen Sunday as Hill is electric and provides a nice change of pace from Brees.
    • I feel (or the majority) of these injuries would still have happened anyway, but would have occurred in OTA's or training camp. Thus noted but much less noticeable.
    • Oh my goodness.  Its not an either or thing.  Perennial playoff contenders have elite talent disbursed throughout the different spots on the field.  They can't just load up on the LOS.   We've seen the impact of having JAGs as ball handlers.  We've had a rotation of nobody's at the receiving position for years and nonversatile RBs who are only good at running between the tackles (for the most part)...spanning two GMs ...and Luck's entire NFL career.  Luck had to carry the O with no real help.    Nice to see we finally got the stud interior DL we haven't had for 10 years.  Now its on to other needed positions.
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