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Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread


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1 minute ago, John Waylon said:


Meh. It really wasn’t that egregious. That is the kind of penalty that always draws ire for being called UNTIL it’s for you. 


I agree, what irks me is that it's so inconsistent. Same with holding. It's like there's no process in place to reduce variation between crews. There are ways to reduce it. 

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    • Classic Ballard pick - great measurables, raw, little to no college production. He hasn’t had a lot of luck with that approach so far when it comes to Dline, so I’m extremely skeptical.    He’s coming off a pretty severe injury and if Fisher is anything to go by I don’t think we should expect anything from him this year.    I hope he surprises because we really need that elite sack/pressure from our Dline. 
    • @Lawrence Owen just saw you bring this topic up on TV?
    • Glow is at the end of his contract.  He's a free agent next year.  He's pushing 30.  And Ballard has to decide if he's gonna pay his ENTIRE offensive line the extra money or not.  If Reed plays better than Glow, at a lower cost, then that may be the way they go.
    • I think rotate is coaching code word for if Glow doesn't play better Reed will get his job.   One huge thing that everyone talks about when it comes to Oline thats not a stat is synergy between the 5. The more all 5 start together, the more synergy they have together, the better the line plays.   I think its every teams goal to have as much consistency at Oline as possible. So to me rotating makes no sense.
    • I feel bad for him and had very high hopes for Blackmon, but think he is an average to below average safety when healthy Getting him back next year, isnt a solution that will bring much difference to one the worst pass defenses in football   We arent getting much PR, but at least a percentage of the extremely poor pass defense is the safety play   We need a playmaking safety, to go with the need of an additional pass rusher (even if its a 3rd down guy that can rotate in)   I hope we invest in the off season (again) for these two critical spots, until we find the right guys     The good news.... sarcasm alert.....  we cant be the 38th ranked pass defense       
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